Ways to Apply Orange and Pink Color Combination This Summer

One of the best things about this summer season is there are quite a lot of new trends related to colors that are so fun for you to give a try. An example we are going to talk about here is orange and pink color combination. This one is not only popular this summer but is also known to be applicable in both exterior and interior home design. Certainly, the color combination can bring fresh look in those areas as well. If by any chance you are curious and even interested in the color combo, here are some ways to apply the colors rightly in your home area so that the result will be something that will make you awe.

How to Apply the Combo in Exterior Design

While there are more examples available to apply the orange and pink color combination in home interior, it is so much better for you to know first about how to apply this in your exterior. Factually, you can use something not natural in this case, such as adding orange and pink pillows and cushions on the seats of your outdoor living space. Even if it is so, you need to know too the colors can be obtained as well from something natural like flowers. The best flower examples you should consider are nothing else but dahlias and zinnias. Planting them in your garden will create the best exterior look this summer.

Orange Pink Exterior Design

Image Source: Nykiss.com

Orange and Pink Colors in Interior Design

In interior design, there are more options available to apply the orange and pink color combination. For example, you can apply these colors in contemporary dining room in order to make the area brighter. From many examples, the application of these colors on the dining room chair upholstery might worth a try, especially when the frame of the chair is made in white or other neutral color, which is in fact really suitable to combine with both pink and orange.

Modern Orange Pink Bedroom Design

Image Source: Vaghaye.com

Other application of the color theme is in bathroom area in which the colors can really add something fabulously shocking. Even both colors are contrast to one another you need to know that each can make the other look fabulous in a really special way as long as you know how to choose the right items on which the colors will be applied. If your bathroom is mostly colored in white, the ways to apply the trending colors can be done easier. For example, you can choose white and orange chevron shower curtain and shocking pink bathroom cabinet. It would be nicer if you also add some other decorations in the same color theme, such as natural orange flowers to be placed on the cabinet top.

Besides the two room examples in your house as mentioned earlier, there are still some other rooms in which the new color combination trend can be applied. Moreover, the trend can be combined as well with some other style like Moroccan style in order to create an even more stunning look inside your house.

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