Things to Include in Your Home Design to Save More Water

Saving water is a good thing you need to consider in life. This is not merely about saving money. Instead, it is also about how you appreciate the natural resource. A thing for you to be grateful for is saving water can be done in so many ways right now because there are a lot of home design tips can be applied in real life. In this case, you need to know there will be some things recommended for you to include in your own home design, no matter whether it is in the exterior design or in interior design. First of all, let us talk about things to include in the interior which will be very helpful for you in the effort of trying to save more water.

Dual Sink for Kitchen

The first example of interior home design tips which main purpose is to save water is considering using dual-sink in your kitchen area instead of single sink. You may not realize this but dishwashing can cost a lot of water, especially when the type of sink you use is single sink. With dual dink, you will not let the water flowing too much since you can take example of old way to wash dish by using two water containers at once. Here, you can fill the first sink with clear cool water you will use in rinsing the dish while the other one will be filled with warm water in which you already put some dishwashing soap. Other simple but really effective tip you can try as well is choosing kitchen sink, especially the dual type, which size is not that big. When the sink is too big you will unconsciously use more water while smaller sink will not cost you that much of water. Other than this, washing machines that are high in efficiency is also proper for you to take as alternative even if the amount of money you need to buy this may be quite much.

Swimming Pool Cover

For the exterior part of your home, there are also some beneficial home design tips you can follow so you can save water even better. The first one is related to your swimming pool if you have any. For this entertainment and sports facility, pool cover is the thing you need to use. At a glance, this may only be seen as something can keep the clean water in the pool away from dust or leaves which can make it dirty. However, this cover can function even better since this reduces the possibility for the water to evaporate quickly. Surprisingly, the amount of water needed in the pool can be cut from 30 up to 50% when you use pool cover. The next thing you need to take into concern too is capturing rain water since this can be used for various things, including watering your garden. The best exterior detail you need to choose to reach this goal is gutter that is connected to a barrel or something else that can contain a large amount of water at once. With this, you will get a free source of water to water your garden no matter how many gallons of water you need.

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