The Trends for Decorating Ideas 2015

2015 has come bringing the new trends, included trends for decoration. You may have known that the biggest trend this year when it comes to decoration is the color. Indigo and wine-red are the new trends. However, color is not the only thing that you should change to redecorate your room for the trend. There are some things like patterns, styles, hues and tones, and even mixing finishes that should also be considered. Here are some decorating ideas 2015 that you should know.

2015 Coastal Living Decorating Idea

Patterns and Metal

Pattern is the thing that most people are afraid of to add too much in their room to avoid being overwhelmed. If you are one of those people, then this year you should get over it. Don’t be afraid to add some or more patterns in your room to add the fun and excitement. All you have to do is mixing and matching the patterns. Go with the patterns with different scales and sizes. Next, you should also consider add the touch of warm metallic in your room as decorating ideas 2015. When it comes to metallic, remove your chrome. This year, gold is the best choice.

There are many gold variations that you can pick. The brass color can be accentuated your hardware, bath fixtures, kitchen, and even furniture in your living room. Do not just follow the rules by making sure that everything is matched. Adding the warm metallic in your finish is the new trend. However, avoid getting too much metallic in all over your surface. It is not meant to be overwhelming. Instead, you can pick some metallic decorations in your room and put them as an accent. It is supposed to be warm, not overpower.

Colors and Hues

As stated before, wine-red and indigo are the colors of the year. It means that you have to decorate your room in saturated hues and vibrant and deep colors. For the interior, it is better if you choose the deep jewel tones, like amethyst purple, emerald green, or peacock blue) that can be mixed with warm metallic. You can even add those colors and hues in your wallpaper. Make sure that you choose the bold wallpaper. When it comes to the patterns, the large-scaled ones are the popular ones these days. In wallpaper trend 2015, you can put it in some new places, maybe on the ceiling.

2015 Living Room Design Trend

Last, it is important for you to mix indoor and outdoor sensation in your room. Adding the natural elements in your room is always nice, because the difference of decoration of indoor and outdoor will be even thinner this year. Brick facades and stones that are usually used outdoor can be used indoor, while the furniture that is meant to be put outside, like loungers and teak tables, can be used insides. You can use exposed brick walls in your room. However, make sure that you do not do it overly, because you still need the vibrant colors, saturated hues, and warm metallic in your room as decorating ideas 2015.

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