Small Open Concept Spaces Decorate Idea

An open concept spaces is the perfect idea for a small spaces area. The point of this concept is opening one or two room so there’s no separation. It’s like a bathroom in your bedroom, but there’s no wall and even glass door to separate your bedroom and bathroom. Will it make your bedroom looks wet and uncomfortable? Will this concept works for your house. Well, yes it will work. Here are some of the small open concept spaces decorate idea for your small spaces area.

Bedroom and Bathroom

The first small open concept spaces idea is to combine your bathroom and bedroom. This two function have a personal purpose. So, it will be perfect to be combined. Your bedroom and bathroom will still need a separation even you apply the open concept spaces. Put a half or three quarter height wall to separate the bathroom area from the dry area. In the bathroom side, apply tile on the wall and apply a usual wall on the other side. Besides, you can also choose a free standing wall as separation.

Small Open Concept Spaces Decorate Idea

Bedroom and Dining Room

Breakfast in bed is perfect for a lazy morning. You can make your everyday breakfast near your bed if you apply the small open concept spaces decorate idea by combining bedroom and dining room. Choose a round table with two or three chair to be placed in your bedroom. As a separation, you can choose a low bookshelf between the dining table and bed. This only works for a house with one or three households.

Living Room and Dining Room

These two room is the perfect room to combine even you don’t apply any separation at all. It can even be functional if you need more chair in the living room or in the dining room, you can just take chairs from each other. You can also make separation with bookshelf or TV buffet as other option.

Living Room and Kitchen

Sometimes, maybe it will be okay to see the kitchen from your living room. But sometimes, the kitchen is just too personal to be seen by the guests or relatives coming. You can add curtain as separation or a glass sliding door if possible.

Floor as Border

Besides applying some separation or border like bookshelf, curtains or glass sliding door, you can also make border for each room by the floor. For example, if you combine living room and dining room, apply different carpet for the living room area and dining room area. For example, rectangular carpet to be placed below your sofa and living room table, and round carpet to be placed below your round dining table. This will help people to differentiate the room by only seeing it.

Consider it as One Room

When you combine two or three function in one room, don’t consider it as three room so you will decorate it in three ways. Forget each function of the area, just blend the style and color in one combination. If you apply different color combination for each area, this will only make the whole room looks horrible because of the crowd.

Small Open Concept Spaces Decorate Idea

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