Small Entries and Hall Decorate Idea

Entries and hall are more likely to a connection of each rooms. It may connect the main door to the living room, or from the kitchen to the laundry room or from the living room to the kitchen. When we focused on each room decoration, we might forget this connection space which actually deserve an equal attention with the other room. It’s usually only a narrow space that connects room, but you put a right decoration, it might looks good and even functions good. So, here are some of the small entries and hall decorate idea to make your connection space great.

Decorations after Door

What you expect to see after you open a house’s main door? A guest room? Or a Living room? How about decoration? Yes, put an entries right after your door. So, when the guest open your door, there they will see your entries first, and then turn left or right to get inside your house. Here you can put some family photograph to introduce your guests everyone live in this house.


If you don’t plan to put any decoration in your entries and hall, consider applying some wallpaper to make it a fast decoration. Choose a vertical line wallpaper to make you feel like standing while passing the area.

Make it Functional

Entries and hall are not only connectors. You can also make it functional with some small entries and hall decorate idea. Put an antique table to with a basket to put your umbrella and your shoes under the table. Apply some hooks to hang up your coat or jacket.

Hanging Rack

Beside table and hook, also consider to apply a small rack in your entries to put some small needs like raincoat or hats.


Small Entries and Hall Decorate Idea

You can also put a mirror near the table and the hook. There you can check yourself out after you take on your shoes and coat before going out.


Beside your family photograph, you can also put some artwork for the small entries and hall decorate idea. If you have an alarm or switchbox in your entries, consider to cover it with a hinged photograph or artwork so everything will seem like decoration. Add some small picture above the mirror and some big pictures across it. Make your entries and hallway your small space for gallery.

Sofa Bed or Chair

Even it’s a really small, long and narrow space, you can still consider to add a small sofa bed or a chair with a table in it. It will be good for decoration and also good for some occasional need like when you want to read a book or a magazine in a free time.

Washing Machine and Ironing Space

If your hallway is between the laundry room and bathroom, you can utilize the hallway to put your washing machine or ironing space. There you can hang on your clean clothes which are ready to iron. Make the ironing stuff looks like decoration like placing it in a long table or use a foldable ironing base. If you put it well, even your clothes can be a nice decoration.

Small Entries and Hall Decorate Idea

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