Small Dining Room Decorate Idea

How a dining room should be? Dramatic? Formal? Or Dark? Well, a dining room somehow need to be dramatic and formal when you invite some important guess that should be treated formally. But, in some other occasion, your dining room should be the comfortable space to enjoy meal with the family member while discussing about some daily activities. So, it could be between formal and comfortable. But, what if you only have that small space to deal with? Here are some small dining room decorate idea for you to consider.


The main view in a dining room must be the table. If you have a square room, round table could be perfect to make it balanced. Besides, the round table will also make all the people in the dinner can see one another in face to face. It will make all the people in the table can face to face one another. The round table will also fit for formal occasion.

Rectangular table could also perfect so you can utilize it for other function. For example, doing your work with your computer or having a chess time with relatives.

Foldable Table

When the dinner guests arrive, just open the table and it’s ready to accommodate all the people. When there’s only the member of the family, just fold it out so the room will looks larger.

Glass Surface

Glass will always perfect for small spaces. Apply a glass surface to your dining table so you can see it floating and see the larger space within the glass surface.

Outdoor View

If you utilized the empty corner of your house for your dining room, apply a large window to the outdoor and build a little garden outside. So, you can enjoy the view of the garden while enjoying your meal. This will also make your room looks larger.

small dining room decorate idea

Large Mirror

If your dining room is in the empty corner of your house but it is lack of window or it is unable to add an outdoor view, consider adding a large mirror to reflect everything in the room and makes it look larger than it’s really are.

Wooden Floor

The other small dining room decoration idea to make your dining room looks larger is a wooden floor. Apply a diagonal or vertical wooden floor to lengthen the view of your dining room.

Armless Chair

It’s just because you don’t have enough space to add armed chair. Be creative in choosing chairs so it will be your decoration too. You can combine bench and stool for a rectangular table make it looks longer. Put the bench near the wall and the stool in the opposite area.

Sliding Door

A sliding door can make your room looks larger because it doesn’t take space when you open the door. It will also give the sense of inviting. For other option, you can place the dining room near the living room without any border. It will ease you to get some extra chair when needed.

small dining room decorate idea

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