Rooftop Design Ideas: Taking Benefits Offered by the Space above Your House

Having a rooftop is definitely luck since it means you will have an extra space in your house area that can be used to apply various types of rooftop design ideas. These will make your house to be more awesome and functional at the same time. For you to know, the ideas that we are going to talk about more in this post are limited in the ones enable you to build space that is quite impossible to create inside your house. So, you better consider the following ideas if right now you have an empty rooftop space that has not been used for anything.

A Space to Cook and Plant Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

For you who love to cook, the most suitable example of rooftop design ideas you need to make true is the idea to build an outdoor cooking space. This idea is even cooler when you do not only add outdoor dining table set in the same area but also build some planters that enable you plant various types of fruits and vegetables. Whenever you have the mood to cook outside, you can use the fresh supplies to create the most delicious meals your family and friends will totally be fond of. This space is factually also beneficial in chasing away your boredom of cooking and eating inside the house.

Vegetable Roof Garden

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Rooftop Theatre

The next awesome idea you should give a try is rooftop theatre. This idea is perfect when you are about to invite some of your friends and relatives to hang out at your house, watching movie. In making this idea true, you will not only need to set up screen and projector so the movie can be seen comfortably by everyone. Instead, you also need to provide comfortable seats for your guests. Certainly, chairs are not really suitable in this case and bringing your sofa to the rooftop will only be troublesome. That is why floor cushions can be said to be the best options you need to pick. With these, your guests can sit comfortably and even lay down when watching the movie.

Rooftop Theater

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The Right Place to Install a Hot Tub

If by any chance there is no space left in your house to install hot tub, installing it on your roof top can be the next great rooftop design ideas. If you are interested in this one and if privacy is important for you, you should not forget to add extra coverage to the rooftop area. This idea is applied especially when there are other buildings taller than your house so whatever you do on the rooftop can be seen quite clearly. An example of coverage you can choose here is fake hedge that will give you the privacy you need without letting you lose the view of the sky as well as the warm sunlight. If hedge is not too interesting for you, you can order custom trellis instead because this is also very helpful in giving extra privacy in rooftop area, plus this is not covered fully so you can still enjoy some great view right from the same area.

Luxurious Hot Tun on Rooftop

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