Pallet Decorations for Your Home

Pallet is made from wood and purposely made as container for goods. Nowadays, pallet’s role changes into become material for decoration. Some people implement pallet decoration ideas for their garden. But you can have it for your home also.  Wood pallet can be said to be flexible when it’s used as decoration. Because of its durability, you can adjust it with other furniture, such as sofa and table in your living room. Moreover, the size of wood pallet also can be set depending on your needs. If you need additional material, you just attach some plywood to cover some parts of the wood pallet.

Implementing the Pallet

Your wall is the perfect place for pallet decoration ideas. You don’t need to add a whole form of wood pallet, you can use medium piece of wood pallet’s one side if you want. Attaching the wood pallet into the walls can be done by using nails. When it’s already attached, you should see it as a blank canvas that is calling for your creativity. You can install old and unique clock on it or collections of photos. If your wood pallet’s original color is already impressive, you just need to polish it for shiny result. On the contrary, if the color is not impressive enough, you can paint it with colors that are different from your wall. This will be helpful to make your wood pallet decoration to be stand out. In addition, when it’s being added with nails, your wood pallet decoration can be used as the place to hang keys, other decorations, and even your clothes.

DIY Pallet Furniture

It’s already common to just hang your photos on the wall. What about making it more organized with wood pallet? For this decoration, you need to use smaller size, but don’t throw away the outer border of the wood pallet. By installing plywood in front side of the wood pallet, you’ll get an instant shelf that can be attached onto the wall. This shelf should be fit for some frames – but you can even place newspaper, mails, and other documents into the shelf. The space between the back of the wood pallet with the plywood can be expanded, but you need to install wider outer border for the wood pallet. If it’s already finished, you can put vase or even wine bottles.

Choosing the Best Wood Pallet

Even though you have many pallet decoration ideas, you still need to pay attention to several things. The first is the material. Because it’s only used as container for goods, certain manufacturers put toxic chemicals into their wood pallet. This surely will be dangerous for your health.

Making DIY Pallet Furniture

There are several logos in the wood pallet. The logos are used to represent the standard and also process that had been done by that wood pallet. One of the logos is IPPC. When you see wood pallet with this logo, it means it had been fumigated with Methyl Bromide. Methyl Bromide is used to control the amount of nematodes, weeds, pathogens, insects, and rodents that might be contained in the wood pallet. IPPC logo is indicated with two letters for country code and unique number that is already set by the National Plant Protection Organization. Moreover, IPPC logo also has initial: HT means Heat Treatment, MB means Methyl Bromide, and DB means to signify debarked.

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