Nursery Room Idea: Decorate Nursery Room Rightly to Make It Usable When Your Kid Is Growing

Many people still think that nursery room is suitable to use only when their baby is still very young. That is why they only decorate the room to be suitable for baby and then redecorate it later when the room is no longer used for nursery. They fact they may not realize is that the room can in fact be used later when their kids is growing up. Certainly, the decorating of this kind of room should be done from the beginning of the room creation. The main idea is to make the design and decoration suitable for the baby later when he/she turns to toddler, kid, or even teenager. For you who are interested in this nursery room idea, there are several tips you should really follow.

Neutral Colors Are Always the Best

Creating a nursery room that will be suitable later for you kid when he/she is no longer a baby must always be started by choosing color options to be applied to the room design. Clearly, neutral colors are always the best in this case since these are suitable for all age. A thing you have to be grateful for is that right now there are more options of neutral color you can choose instead of white and some other shades of brown only. This way, the room can look more interesting.

Neutral Nursery Room

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Be Careful in Choosing Furniture

The next thing you need to do next is being careful in choosing furniture to be place in the nursery room. Of course in this nursery room idea there are some types of baby furniture that you cannot avoid, such as crib and this furniture cannot really be used when the kid is growing up since he/she will need a bigger bed. However, there is still quite a lot of furniture that can factually still be used later. The example is dresses. By choosing this kind of furniture, there is no need for you to use too much cash for furniture shopping in the future.

Furniture for Nursery Room

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If you have time and ability too, you can even turn some baby furniture into something your kid can use later. For example, if you use recliner in order to comfort your baby better, you can turn this into regular sofa chair by changing the feet.

Do Not Forget to Add Arts

Other nursery room idea that is also beneficial for you to give a shot is adding art to the room. Certainly, the type of art that is meant here is of course the art that is still cute for a room for a baby but is perfect for older kid. For example, you can print a large image of animal in black and white or other neutral color option, framing it, and then hanging it above the dresser or baby crib. Some sculptural arts in the compatible color theme as the one you apply in the room can also be taken as another art choice for the nursery. In some cases, classic baby toys can even considered as a form of art that is perfect as timeless room decoration in the future.

Nursery Room Art

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