Interesting Ways to Use Pegboard in Your Home

The use of pegboard in home design is getting more and more popular at this point of time. It is not merely about the fact that this reusable material is used by a lot of people in their home. It is also about the fact that people are getting more creative in sharing pegboard ideas, which are clearly related to the ways of using the board. If you are also interested in using the board, here are some inspirational ways you may be interested in.

Pegboard Bead Ideas

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Kitchenware Display

Commonly, pegboard is used for storage. This time, the inspiration, which is about to be shared here, is more specific. It is nothing else but the use of pegboard as kitchen storage, which is kitchenware display. Surely, not all wares can be displayed on the boards. Only items with handles, such as pans, can be stored there. The best thing about this kind of display is clearly related to the very effective usage of vertical space. That is why when you lack of storage space or when your kitchen is rather small, this idea is highly recommended to try. The fact is even better because the display is easy to create and clearly affordable.

Nice Pegboard Idea

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Pegboard Lantern

Other interesting example of pegboard ideas you definitely have to try is creating pegboard lantern. The idea is quite similar to the idea of creating can lantern. The difference is that the pegboard lantern is easier to make because there is no need for you to make the holes on your own. You just need to design the shape of the lantern and then put some LED light string in it. This kind of lighting is not only suitable to use as outdoor decorative lighting. If you want to, you can also use the lantern as nightlight. Since the lighting effect is cute, it is a perfect choice to place in kids or teen bedroom.

Craft Storage Wall

Especially for you who love crafting, pegboard can be used as well to organize your craft supplies. With pegboard, it is very easy for you to categorize each supply you own so it is always easy to find things you need. If sewing is the activity you love the most, pegboard storage display like this can be a perfect choice as well in keeping everything neat.

Bedside Table Makeover

Other non-storage pegboard ideas for you to try are makeover idea. This can be done to the old bedside table with cabinet storage you place in your bed chamber. To give a new look to this furniture, you just simply have to replace the cabinet door with pegboard. The holes of the board prettily create a polka dots effect on the door surface. For a more interesting look, you just need to leave the original color of the board be. This way, the new door will look quite contrast to the original look and color of the bedside table. It is not a hard makeover project to do so it will never need too much time to finish.

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