Inspiring Home Design Ideas with Tropical Theme

Have you been wondering to make or build an inspirational home? If you are in that condition, using a tropical theme for your home design can be so much inspirational. Yes, it is very possible for you especially who live in a tropical area to make a beautiful and inspirational home. Yet, you may ask, “How can I make it happen?” As a consequence, this article may provide you in making or establishing an inspiring home with tropical theme. The information is broken down into several tips in the following explanations.

Consider the air circulation inside your tropical home

As what we know, living in a tropical area makes somebody have to face hot, wet summers, high levels of humidity and little change between day and night temperatures. Therefore, it should be considered in the way you design your home and develop your home parts. There are some important tips for this situation that you can apply in your tropical home. First, you can develop a long thing floor plan with a window and opening for each room if it is possible. It is very useful to bring maximum air circulation in your home. Thus, you can reduce the heat inside your home and create great cross ventilation.

Home Design with Tropical Theme

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Second, you may build or provide a window and opening in internal walls. It is helpful in maintaining good air circulation from one room to another.  Third, it is so important to apply insect screens to all doors and windows. It is so helpful because you can leave them open in order to improve air-flow and protect you from the insect disturbance at the same time. Fourth, you can reduce the use of curtains which block the wind by utilizing the opaque glass for your home design.  Fifth, it can be done by making all of your windows and vents in high level for all rooms. Sixth, it is very recommended if you use vented ridged or what people call as whirly bird ventilator to make the air flow into your home. Thus, by doing all those tips, you can manage the good air circulation inside your home.

Consider the right material for your tropical home

The next thing refers to considering the right material for your home with tropical theme. You need to use the lightweight materials. These materials are such as steel, timber, metal, and fiber cement for home cladding. If you are ended up to use block or brick as your home materials, you need to shade the wall with wind exposure with screens, battens, shade cloth awning or spaced tree. The spaced tree can cool down your home and bring the great circulation around your house.

Modern Tropical Bedroom Design

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In addition, those mentioned things can be utilized to block the wind and protect your wall. Another thing is that you may use for complete your tropical home design, grass and ground covers around your house. These covers are useful to absorb the high temperature and able to radiate your house. It is better than the concrete and sealed surface can do. Then, you have to choose the materials which are lighter and more reflective color for your roofs and walls.

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