Ice Cream Palettes: Summer Color Combos to Add More Freshness in Your Interior

Creating a fresh interior look is something you can do in order to make your living space a comfortable one during the hot weather. At this point of time, if you are thinking about something like that, there are factually some summer color combos that will be very suitable to pick. The best thing of all, the color combos will not only give the inside of your home a new look but also creates such a fresh atmosphere in there. The combos meant here is nothing else but the ice cream palettes, which are also known to be a new trend in home interior designing. From all ice cream palette combinations exists right now, here are three of the most popular ones.

Cookies and Cream

The very first palette combo you should take into consideration is called as the cookie and cream. This combination reminds us of the ice cream trend that popped out for the first time around the year of 1980s. There are three main colors used in this color combination. Those colors, which are also the representation of the ice cream flavor, are cream, dark accents, and some touches of soft tans. Applying these colors in a room will make the room gaining more classic elegant look.

Cookies and Cream

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The next example of the trending summer color combos is nothing else but the famous Neapolitan. As ice cream flavor, this one can be said timeless since it is really loved by many people around the globe. As color combination to be applied in home interior, it is also a great one because the chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla colors are simply sweet together. No matter whether the type of color you choose here is pop colors or something rather soft like pastels, the sweet impression can be seen always. However, it cannot be denied that something softer like the pastels will bring a better dreamy look in your home design.


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Mint Chocolate Chip

The last but not least of the summer color combos we talk about in this post is the mint chocolate chips. It seems this is the best one to cool off hot weather during summer season. Applying this combination of colors will bring some quite strong vintage look, especially when the combo is applied in bathroom or kitchen area. The mint color in this combination looks very fresh and this is factually the reason why mint is always suggested to be the most dominant color in the combo. On the other hand, the addition of dark accents in the color of black or dark brown will be very helpful in adding elegance as well as some bold touches to create balance after the application of the green mint color. Certainly, when you apply this combo, it is still fine for you to add some other colors, such as white for the bathroom appliances, because usually the mint chocolate chip color is applicable more on major parts, such as walls and flooring. So, which one of the three combinations that you love the most?

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