How to Arrange Furniture for Your Small Living Room

If you have a small living room, it does not mean that you can limit your ideas to make it look nice and cozy. In fact, it is much easier to create a dream home living room out of a small space rather than the spacey one. Most experts said that when you arrange the furniture in a small space, do not try to squeeze every single thing to fit in. It is not as easy as it seems, especially if you have many ideas with much furniture to arrange. However, here you can get the ideas of how to arrange furniture well step by step.

Living Room Furniture Arrangement

The Seating

It is recommended for you to put a long table in front of the sofa. This simple yet chic arrangement will give you much space while at the same time give a lot of space to seat. You can leave the rest of the space in the wall for the large hanging shelving. Those hanging shelves are great for storage, or you can use them as the display of your photographs. Plus, the table in front of the sofa can be the additional space for storage or lighting. This is great for couple. For a small family, you can change the table with a larger table and L-shaped sofa.

Ideas for Arranging Living Room Furniture

It is not only how to arrange furniture that you have to notice, but also the design as well. For the color, you can choose white for it can create the illusion as if your living room looks bigger than it is. For the kind of the sofa, it is recommended for you to choose armless sofa since it does not take much space. If you still have some space for additional chair, think efficient. Do not ever choose anything with dark colors or heavy look in it since it will fill the room widely. Slipper chair will be good. Do not choose any chair with tall backrest. Instead, try to have transparent chair with medium height backrest. Make sure you do not have any shabby slipcovers for it can overpower you tiny living room.

The Furniture

Coffee table can be the additional storage if you like playing board games. It is also good if you have an ottoman to create an extra seating. When choosing seating and furniture, make sure that you have to pick the larger pieces, such as sofa first. After that, you just have to add the texture and interest by combining the smaller pieces items in many colors and styles. It is recommended for you to pick the furniture with simple color and pattern that can give you the lighter feel.

If you have tight budget, you can use kitchen cabinetry and install them along the wall. Closet storage systems or bedroom wardrobe can also be used and modified for a living room. Put the pantry next to a longer wall to make one-unit style. You can also put the wardrobe against the wall and surround it with the molding. How to arrange furniture in small space is actually all about recreating and modifying.

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