Home Design Tips for Building a Tropical Home

A tropical theme is one of the most wanted and popular theme for a home design idea. The word “tropical” may raise or evoke our mind to an exotic, luxury, beautiful, hot and summer place. In fact, the tropical theme has been established for so many homes all over the world. You also want to bring this tropical theme for your home to be or use this idea to renovate your old house. As a consequence, this article may provide you with several tips for building a tropical home.

Design your home with a good cross circulation and air circulation

Designing your home with a tropical theme means that designing a home with a lot of breeze. Thus, you need to let the air flow freely and nicely inside and around your home. Therefore, you need to provide some air circulation by putting or applying “one window and opening for one room” system. It is better if you can use that system. It is also so useful to reduce your spending for electricity. It happens because you do not need to use the air conditioning. The good cross ventilation can be applied by planning and designing your home with a more open floor which can circulate the air better and greater. You also need to design your windows and opening as tall and wide as you can do and afford them. These things can help you to let more breezes come to your house.

Tropical Home Design

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Applying a high ceiling and installing a ceiling fan

The next tips for a tropical home design idea are applying the high ceiling and installing a ceiling fan. The high ceiling is very effective and affordable to be applied. It is effective because it can help you face the rising heat in dry season. It is affordable because you only need some extra block to make it happen. In addition, this a little change can bring a big difference for your tropical home for sure. Moreover, the ceiling fan can be so helpful because it can help you to cool down the heat or hot temperature. The ceiling fan spends a less electricity compared to a light bulb and it is inexpensive. The best quality ceiling fan is around $100 which is similar to a great light fixture.

Tropical Style House Plan

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Designing a great construction to face the tropical situation

An important part of tropical home design refers to the great construction design. This design should make the building still and strong when the tropical situations like storm, earthquake and other. You can elevate your tropical home around 2 or more feet higher than the ground level. You should also make sure that the landscape does not slope toward but away from your home. Thus, you can avoid any damage in your building and make it as strong as possible. In addition, utilizing to blank space to be the green areas as much as you can afford can be better to reduce the hot temperature and refresh your home and its air.

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