Different Ways to Apply Chalkboard Paint Ideas in Your Home Design

Chalkboard paint ideas are undeniably trending right now. More and more people see that using the paint in home interior design is not only unique but can also be very useful. Unfortunately, until now people usually only use the paint on walls in order to replace the use of regular wall paint with regular colors. The thing they may not realize is the paint can actually be usable as well in many other things. If you are interested in using such paint differently, here are some different ways of using the paint that are fun for you to try at home.

Chalkboard Idea in Bathroom

Image Source: Bobvila.com

Chalkboard Refrigerator

The first idea is using the chalkboard paint to makeover the refrigerator you have in your kitchen. The first benefit of doing so is the different look of the fridge that can really make people think it is a new one. Other than that, covering your fridge with the paint is awesome because the black color can make the fridge to look more elegant. Besides, it is very possible for you to draw any decorative image on the fridge by using chalks. The last but not least advantage of doing this makeover project is that you will never need any board to write notes again in your kitchen area since you can just use the side of the fridge that is already covered with the fabulous paint for the same function.

Chalkboard Kitchen Cabinet Door

The same note board function mentioned earlier can also be obtained when you apply another example of chalkboard paint ideas in other kitchen furniture. The furniture meant here are kitchen cabinets. However, not all surfaces of the cabinets will be painted in chalkboard color. Instead, it is only the inner part of a cabinet door. Since it would be quite problematic when you have a note for board that is located in the floor cabinet, it is more recommended for you to apply the idea on the wall cabinet door instead.

Chalkboard Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Image Source: Fullhome.org

Chalkboard Jar Label

Other kitchen item can be decorated with the same chalkboard paint is jars, which are usually used to store ingredients for cooking. The idea meant here is making label on each jar by using the paint. The best thing about this is not only located in the fascinating look. Instead, it is also located in the fact you can always change what you write on the label whenever you want, such as when you want to replace the ingredient inside a certain jar with other ingredient.

Chalkboard Bedroom Drawers

Well of course, chalkboard paint ideas are not only applicable in kitchen area since you can also apply this in any other room in your house. Let us say you want to use the decorative paint in your bedroom area. The most interesting example here is using the paint to decorate the front surface of your bedroom drawers to enable you to write what you store inside each drawer. This way, you can always be able to find any clothing item you need easier.

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