Blue and Green: Summer Color Theme You Should Give a Try

Decorating your home during summer season is a matter of making the living place to look fresher in order to deal with the hot weather. Thankfully, the most recent summer color theme we are going to talk about in this post is so very fresh when we look at it that your home can always be a comfortable place to stay during the sunny season. The color theme meant here is nothing else but the combination between blue and green color.

The Choices of Green and Blue to Pick

If being asked about which choice of green and blue that is applicable to this trending summer color theme, it can be said there is really no limitation. In other words, you can really pick any shades from the both colors based on your preference of the choices you think looking good when combined together.

Green Summer Color Theme

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Even if it is so, there are still rules that are better for you to follow in order to result to the best look ever. The most significant one is not to combine dark shade of blue and dark shade of green together since this will erase the fresh impression hoped the most from the combo. That is why, it would be better if you are about to pick a dark hue, please be sure that the other one still belongs to the bright shade category. If you do this, even if there is something dark seen in the theme, you will still be able to build the fresh look to cool off your interior during the season.

Where to Apply the Color Combo

If you really are interested in the combo of this summer color theme, you can factually apply it anywhere you like. Certainly, it does not mean you should color all parts of your home with the colors because it would totally look weight. The first example of the application is creating blue-green stripe pattern on a wall in your living room in order to create an accent wall. This idea application is suggested because this way other people who come to your house can also enjoy the beauty and freshness of the color theme.

Blue Wall Combined with Green and Yellow

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Other application you can give a try as well is in something smaller like home accessories. Since the idea is simpler, you can apply it in so many things in the house. This may not make blue-green theme to be majority in your home design but this is enough to make the combo catches more attention. As an example, you can place blue and green pillow cases on a bed that is already covered with white bedding. You can also buy some kitchen and dining ware to color your kitchen area with the same theme. Adding some items in these colors in your white bedroom can possibly also make it easier for you to sleep in every summer night. The last but not least example to try is applying the color theme in flowers or other plants you can use as living decorations inside your house.

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