2015 Dining Room Trend: The Use of Old Dining Table with Mod-Styled Chairs

Various types of 2015 dining room trend has been told and shared right now. It is quite interesting that some trends are quite different and even do not follow the previous requirements which seems to became standards earlier. As an example, there is a new trend in which old dining table is used as the main item. However, this table does not come in a set together with some chairs for the seating. Instead, in this trend it is suggested for you to purchase the table and chairs separately. In a more specific way, it is mod-styled chairs which are chosen to be paired with the table. At first, you may think the combination between these two types of items is a bit bizarre, especially because the table is clearly string in its natural value while the chairs are more prominent in its shape and colorful characteristics. If you do think so, you need to know, here are factually some plus points can be obtained from this ‘odd’ yet suggested new trend for dining room in the year of 2015.

2015 Trend Dining Room As told previously, it is so clear that both of the item types included in this new 2015 dining room trend are totally different from one another that it might be hard for you to imagine about the compatibility. A thing you may not know in this case is that both of those can support each other quite ideally. By placing those items in a set of dining table, each of the natural style and mod style with a bit touch of retro look can look equally prominent. Each of the style can factually look strong enough in the dining room in which these items are placed and arranged in the way you want. This way, the good qualities of each item can be seen even better too.

2015 Dining Room TrendIf by any chance you need some suggestions in applying the main idea of this 2015 dining room trend, the first suggestion you can follow is none other but choosing a rustic dining table which shape and size are suitable to the basic shape and design of your dining room. In this case, you need to be sure that the table still has a strong natural look or even unfinished. This way, the old impression of the table can be seen well. As for the mod-styled chairs, it will be better if some neutral color, especially white, is chosen. The only reason why this it told for you to do is because this will not reduce the incompatibility of both different items. Factually, it is fine to choose other color than white. However, you need to be sure the color is not in the same or almost the same color shade with the old rustic table since this will only make the design, even the design of the whole room, to look boring. What do you think about this new interior design trend? Is it interesting enough for you to apply in your very own dining room interior at home?

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