Small Home Office Decorate Idea

Do you often bring your work home? If yes, you should have your own home office in your house. Even there’s only a really small space left in your house for your home office, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own home office. Combining bedroom and office spot is not a great idea because it’s a different thing. Bedroom is all about resting and relaxing, and office spot is about thinking and productivity. You don’t need too many spaces for home office; it’s only need to be able to accommodate a table and a chair, and some entertainments if needed. Well, here are some small home office decorate idea for you to consider.

Choose a Quiet Area

Choose an area in your house which is the farthest from the living room or any area where your family member are usually gathered. You will need a peaceful atmosphere like near the backyard with the view to the green area.

Work Surface against the Wall

If you have a long and narrow room, place your work surface against the wall. Having a work surface in floating in the middle of the small room will makes you feel like you are being interrogated during the working time.

Unless you plan to receive a client in your home office, you can place the work surface in the middle of the room, but help the layout with a narrow bookshelf.

L-Shaped Work Surface

For a better layout, an L-shaped work surface will help you organize your working device and make it help you with the decoration.

small home office decorate idea

Window Rules

To help you release your stress during work time, set the desk in front of the window so that you can see outside when needed. Also consider the view of the window. The window will also give you a natural light to your small space home office.

If you have no space to put the window, choose some warm colors like terracotta, taupe and camel. Also add some extra lighting on the cabinet above your work surface.

Coffee Maker and Fridge

Beside the work surface, a home office will also need some energy supply for the worker, for you. For a small home office decorate idea, install a small cabinet that stick to the wall and put your mini fridge and coffee maker there. This could also help you free up your kitchen a little because the coffee maker is now moved out.


Cabinet sometime is just made the room looks crowded. Consider using cantilevers to hold some of your working device or some decoration.

small home office decorate idea

Computer Calendar

To keep your working surface tidy and clean, try to minimize the thing that you should put in your table. One of which is a calendar. Start using your computer calendar and get used of it.

Trolley Island

For faxes and printer, put it in a trolley island so that you can bring it to your area when needed and put it back to the storage corner when not needed. This will also keep your work surface freed up from the printer and faxes machine.

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