Home Office Pretty Decoration to Enhance the Mood

Home office is actually the important area in your house that makes sure that you are productive enough to make some money. However, most people are not comfortable in their home office; thus, they cannot be productive in it. How to change your home office from something boring into a nice and cozy place? Decoration is the answer. Home office pretty decoration will never fail to enhance your mood. All you have to do is just removing, adding, and somewhat changing the decoration that will create a nice atmosphere. Here are some ways that you can do to decorate your home office prettier.

Home Office Pretty Decoration

DIY Projects and Wallpaper

First, do something out of your creation and your own hands. It can be more warm and fuzzy if you personalize something with DIY project. There are many ideas for craft that you can browse on the internet. For example, you can make a vision board. Place a board near your desk and decorate it with some pictures from the old magazines that represent your dreams and desires and how to achieve those goals in your life. It will not only make you feel comfortable, but staring at your vision board will also make you more productive since it contains all your dreams and goals.

Next, it does not hurt either if you add some storage for snacks. Put some transparent jars full with colorful sweets and chocolates upon your desk. When you put the jars, make sure that you will not only use it as the storage for your snacks, but also the part of decoration. Jars with healthy snack are also preferable if you like it. Wallpaper is the next choice after that. It is true that printed and colorful wallpaper can be the best choice for statement wallpaper. However, make sure that you choose the simple wallpaper that is accented with decorative punch.

Cheerful Home Office Decoration


Another important part to change the atmosphere of your room is lighting. It does not only use as the decoration to enhance the mood, but it can also add the dimensions and give the illusion of the room size. Make sure that you add some new lights in your home office. Even by just replacing the light bulbs can give significant change to make home office pretty decoration. However, dim light is not always good for home office since it makes your drowsy instead of energetic. Choose the statement light that can light up the whole room.

Next, choose the right color scheme. Clear out all the clutters and start all over again. Remove everything that is not in your color palette. Choose one tone to organize the tones in your home office. Blue indigo is the color trend in 2015 for a room. You can choose this color as a primary or accent tone. Last, put some plants in the corner of you room, either it is real plant or fake. Putting plants in fresh cut colors in nice vases will give home office pretty decoration.

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