Emerald Green Tone for Your Home Office

Green has been known as the earthy and calm tone since it can remind you of trees and nature. That is why it is important for you to add the green tone in your home office since according to the researches, choosing the right color can make you feel more productive since it can enhance your mood. It is true that green tone is not the usual and common choice when it comes to home office. However, emerald green tone for home office is undeniably perfect since it is not only loud enough as the statement but also warm and cozy enough to mix with other colors. You can use this emerald green as the primary or accent tone in your home office. If you do not know how to bring this color into your home office, here are the useful steps.

Emerald Green Tone Home Office Design

First, you can start with the fabric. Emerald green fabric can be the best choice for your home office. You don’t have to cover all over the surface with green tone. Just pick some furniture that can get the most attention to in your home office that can be accented with emerald green. For example, you can choose the huge sofa, desk chair, or ottoman that can be covered with emerald tone fabric. Velvet fabric will be the great choice to make the statement you want. To add even the touch of modernity in your green tone for home office, you can mix them with some modern prints with polka dots and stripes pattern.

Next, you choose the drapery. This is the best way to make the clear statement. The drapery should be the one from floor to ceiling. If you don’t like the color of the drapery that can overwhelm your home office, then you can choose only one color only in one spot in your space. Drapery will give the attention to the unadorned wall or windows. Make sure that when you install your drapery, you should also measure the distance from above the window to the bottom part. It is even greater to add some length in your drape so the curtain is not too short.

Emerald Green Tone Home Office

Next, it is the time for you to choose the rug. A statement rug is a must. Keep in mind that a rug is not only an accent, but it plays the great role to enhance the mood in your home office. A statement rug can also be the coverage for any flaws in your floorboards. Plus, you should also know that a rug can add the dimensions in your space. Shag rug can be the best choice if you like something comfortable.

When should you put the rug? It is recommended to place the rug in your desk area. Make sure that you choose the rug that is two times bigger than your desk area to make sure that the proportions of size is perfect. Do not ever put the rug that is smaller than the desk. It is important for you to choose the bold color and patter, of course with a touch of emerald green tone for home office.

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