Small Living Room Decorate Idea

Living room is a room that supposed to be the space for your family member to have a quality time by watching TV, having some snacks or just having a little talk. It has to be comfortable enough to have the quality time. Well, you can make your small living room to be a comfortable one by the small living room decorate idea. It doesn’t need to be large and spacy to be comfortable. If you know how to put and arrange things there, you can make that small space be your favorite space.

So, here are some design tips to deal with your small space living room

Solid Color

The first trick is that you have to make your living room looks larger than it really are. You can do this by adding solid color like pale or cold color to your wall. For example, you can add beige, sea green or cloud blue. This kind of color will make your wall looks farther than reality.

Monochromatic Color

Beside the pale and cold color, you can also use the monochromatic color to make your small living room looks larger than it really are. You can apply the combination of the monochromatic color in the ceiling, wall and the furniture.

High-Gloss Ceiling

The third small living room decorate idea is high gloss ceiling. The high-gloss ceiling will make your ceiling looks higher and create such a drama effect to your room.

Apply Pattern

It is true that pattern can make a room looks more crowded. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t apply any pattern to your small space living room. In small living room decorate idea, you can apply maximum two kind of pattern by applying it sparingly. Also choose a tone-to-tone color so it won’t looks crowded.

small living room decorate idea


Make sure you measure the scale of the furniture well. So it will not be too big or too small for the room. For floor plan, put the largest furniture first so you can see where you can put the other smaller furniture.


Choose a narrow arm sofa as the main furniture in your small living room. If your living room is too small, then you can choose sofas and chairs without arm.

Transparent Glasses

Transparent glasses as a furniture like a glass surface end table will make your small space looks larger. It will make your end table looks like floating in the space that you put your end table. So, it looks like it didn’t take too much space.

Nesting Table

A nesting table is perfect for the small living room ideas because it has a maximum function for your living room. For example, you can use the first level to put some books. Besides having too function in one time, it will also make your table looks artistic.

small living room decorate idea

Electronic Furniture

There must be some electronic furniture in your living room like TV, stereo system and other furniture that needs electricity. Choose one spot in your living room which are near to the electricity and arrange all the electronic furniture there.


If you have a fireplace in your small living room, choose a contrasting color of the mantle with the wall which can blend well. So, the fireplace could be the vocal view in your living room.

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