Rustic Living Room with Modern Style

Say you have been really wanting to have a rustic living room, but you have no idea what to do and you do not really like the idea of having too many wooden furniture in it. In fact, you don’t have overwhelm your space with wooden furniture or natural stone if you do not like it. Who said rustic is all about wood? Yes, you need one or two wooden furniture or decoration to make sure you get the sensation. The good news is, you can combine the style with another one to balance how it looks. You do not have to dim your lighting as well if you do not like it. In modern style, the effect should be the opposite. Instead of dim light, you need to make sure that your living room is poured with bright light all the time.

Modern Rustic Living Room

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The Furniture

Yes, as stated before, you still need that one piece of wooden furniture to get the sensation of rustic living room. You can put a drawer or shelves in one side of your living room wall. However, to get the modern and chic look, instead of choosing the light colored wood that looks cheap, you should choose the dark wooden one that looks glamour and extravagant. Check the quality of the wood as well. The high quality wood should be long lasting, durable, and water proof. In order to get the last effect, you need to laminate your wooden shelves. Oak wood and cherry wood is the highly recommended wood to choose.

Next, you may want to install an old an ancient look of fireplace with wooden frame in it. Make sure the fireplace is big enough, like you can usually find in those old movies setting. When it comes to the flooring, you can also use laminate wooden floor. The shade should be a bit lighter than the shade of wood you chose for the shelves before to create different contrast of woods in your living room. To add more touch, up in the ceiling, in your dead white and flawless ceiling, you can install some horizontal line of woods as the decoration.

Rustic Living Room with Modern Touch

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The Modern Look

So, what about the modern touch in rustic living room? You can add it in your furniture. Pick a chic and extravagant sofa with leather texture. You can also combine it with two comfy chairs completed with metal foot. For the table, you can put the glass top table in front of the sofa and the chairs and put a decoration upon it, like a vase of flower. Speaking of decoration, you can place some frame pictures on your fireplace or some porcelain dolls. However, do not put too many decorations that can overwhelm your rustic living room. The background color of the living room should be neutral, like white or cream. That is why, make sure your curtains, your paint, your ceiling, your fixture, and even your sofa, should be in one neutral shade. It is because in modern look, less is simple and you can’t mix more than 2 colors at a time.

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