Remodeling Living Room Ideas in Budget

Changing the look of your living room is not just the way you redecorate things. It is supposed to make others feel different as well. Remodeling living room is indeed not as easy as it seems. However, as long as you know the important factors to make it, you are on the right track. First important thing is of course the budget. Having limited budget means you have to be more creative to remodel your living room without having to spend thousands of dough. Here are some tricks to do that.

DIY Projects

Forget about buying new shelves or storage. In fact, you can re-create your shelves with a touch or two. First, decide the style that you want to promote in your living room. For example, you want to have classic look. So, it is better to paint your shelves in white. It is better to browse the best color according to each style. Since white is the perfect idea for classic living room, so white can be the answer for your shelves. Make sure you take it out and protect every piece of another furniture from getting splashed of paint. After painting the shelves, you can also decorate it by changing the knobs. Paint in glossy finish the knobs to open the drawers in black. The combination of black and white is always irresistible.

Living Room Remodeling

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Next in remodeling living room DIY, you can also create your own lighting decoration. For instance, if you want to promote rustic style, you can install a set of dim light in your living room. Just buy some light bulbs with lower watts, and then put them all inside a glass jar. Make sure you had modified the glass jar before, so each light bulb can be hung in there easily. There should be a kind of metal hook to keep the light bulb in its place, and the hook should be installed in the bottom area of the jar’s cup. After that, the jars should be set in one horizontal line and each of them should be hooked as well in a metal board. This board is the one that you should install on your wall.

DIY Living Room Design

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Thrift Store

After finishing your DIY projects, it is the time for you to hunt many other things that you cannot re-create in any way, or if you want to add things up according to the new style you promote. Lamp shade, curtain, bookshelves, ottoman, or even coffee table can be found easily in thrift store. You just have to be able to find the right thing based on the style you decided before. Keep in mind that not everything in thrift store is in vintage look. You still can get classic, contemporary, rustic, or even modern look things and piece of furniture in a thrift store.

So, remodeling living room will not take more than a hundred bucks if you can manage it well. Don’t forget to browse your ideas on the internet to get the right style.

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