Lively Design Living Room

Having lively design living room does not mean you have to mix and match every single bold color you like. Lively here does not mean you have to be bright and bold. It is true that you can have a few bold colors in it, but that is not the main point. Lively design here consists of natural look with nature elements that can look awesome if you know how to put them together in your living room. Natural elements can be anything. You can be creative to interpret the nature things in the form of decoration for your living room.

The Colors

When it comes to the color, it is important for you to combine the shade of bright gold, kelly green, and yellowish brown in your lively design living room. Those are known as the colors that resemble nature and life itself. You have to be able to find every piece of furniture and the decoration that comes with those colors. Don’t be afraid of mixing them in one place. At one glance, it may look mismatched and cannot blend well. On the second thought, it will make your living room never boring. Your eyes will be spoilt by pour of nature colors at a time.

Colorful Lively Living Room

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So, how to blend them well? You can choose graphic prints that comes with any of those aforementioned colors. For example, pick a high and comfy chair with graphic leaves printed in it. It can be combined with another chair that has floral graphic prints. For the sofa, you can choose the neutral and calm color, like cream, as the background. But for the throw pillows, you can be creative by mixing many different graphic prints in it. The throw pillows do not have to come in the same prints and colors. Each of them may have different print, motif, and color, and you still can put them together in one neutral colored sofa.

Spacious and Lively Living Room

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The Decoration

Along with the furniture, the decoration should also resemble nature and life. For example, you can hang the mirror with sun-framed finish in your living room. Or, instead of mirror, you can hang your favorite picture or painting in a sun frame. Speaking of painting, make sure you hang the natural painting, like scenery or animal on the wall. It can be a black and white painting, as long as it has the nature theme in it. The most important decoration for your lively design living room is flowers. You can put many vases, upon the table, on the shelves, on the drawers, or a pot in a corner of the room, with plants. Even if it is just a plastic or glass plants, make sure it looks as realistic as possible. It is better if you have a bouquet of real flowers on your table. Don’t forget to put the greeneries in your room by planting them in a pot. Choose the plants that are able to live indoor. Don’t forget to water them daily to keep them fresh every time.

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