How to Create Stunning Outdoor Living Space

Having outdoor living space is as important as indoor living room. There are many benefits of having this space. Many people think outdoor living room is not important. On the contrary, you should know outdoor living room can be used for many occasions, both formal and informal. You can have a business meeting in here or you can have a barbecue party with your friend. Due to the fact that it’s an important spot in your house, you have to consider some aspects if you want to have one. Here are the things for you to consider.

Fabulous Outdoor Living Space

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The Concept and the Arrangement

For the concept, like usual living room, you have to be able to find the best style for it; whether it’s modern, contemporary, rustic, or such. However, most people would love to have natural outdoor living space. What should you do if you want to get natural style? First, make sure that your outdoor space is surrounded by greeneries. Those are the main aspect to make your outdoor living room feel natural. Second, make sure you choose the furniture that was made out of wood or other natural sources. Wooden chairs and recliner are such way to go. For the alternative, you can also have a sofa or a couch, and choose one which has natural pattern, like floral or leaves pattern.

For the arrangement, choose large marble tiles to floor the area. It’s important to do the measurement first. Choose only the outdoor living room space to be tiled. For the tiling choose, it’s recommended to have one which has wooden shades of color. It will enhance the natural look. For the table, you can choose one’s made out of rattan. Rattan table will always look stunning in this outdoor area. Rattan can also be the best substitution if you don’t like the idea of wooden chairs. Under the table, put one carpet with floral pattern which will match the sofa. For the color, deep red will look good combine with its natural surroundings.

Great Outdoor Living Space

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The Decoration

When it comes to decoration, there are many things you can do to beautify your outdoor living space. To enhance a vintage look, you can park an oldish bike next to your outdoor space, in the nearest tree. Don’t forget to put the rattan basket next to the bike to make an impression as if someone has had a good picnic day. For the light and fixtures, it’s recommended for you to hang strings of lights on the trees. It does not only make the dim light, but also create romantic atmosphere. If you don’t like it, you can also have lantern lamps in each corner of your outdoor space. Pick the lantern which will match the whole style and look of your outdoor living room. Some printed throw pillows matching with the sofa are also a good way to focus on the look. Put some wooden fence around your area to get the some privacy, if it is a problem for you.

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