Getting Chic Living Room in Some Easy Steps

Running out of idea about remodeling your living room? Search no further since you can find the inspiration here. In fact, you do not need to find one specific style to be promoted in your living room as long as you know what you are going to do. Chic living room does not have any specific style, whether it is contemporary, modern, classic, or what. It is just chic and simply irresistible. Despite there is no specific category in it, there are some rules that you can follow to remodel your living room.

Creating Chic Living Room

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The Colors

This is the most important thing to consider if you want to get the chic living room. You should be able to mix every pattern and texture in one place. When it comes to patterns and textures, the choices are endless. There are polkadots, geometrics, lines, or else. First, you should choose your favorite pattern. It can be lines or geometrics. After that, you can show the patterns from anything there, like throw pillows, lamp shade, curtain, carpet, tiling, or even the sofa. Keep in mind that you do not have to be afraid of mixing and matching, even though the patterns may seem mismatched.

Color Play of Chic Living Room

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The most important thing to remember is, you have to be able to counterbalance the colors in your living room. For example, if you have many throw pillows with different patterns, make sure you arrange and put them in a sofa that has neutral color and calm tone, like cream, or broken white. If you want to hang some abstract painting with many colors in it, make sure the walls around are dead white without any other decoration. If you want that striped curtain pattern, you should pick a neutral and dark color for your lamp shade and install them side by side. You can mix many patterns in your living room, but it should be put in one neutral colored background.

The Textures

As well as the patterns, you can also choose the different textures. Combine the light and heavy, soft and rough, and other opposites in your living room. For example, you may want to have glass top metal table in your living room to have glossy finish compared to your leather sofa and fluffy throw pillows. Or, you can put fluffy carpets next to a rough bold rug in your living room. There is no specific way to mix and match the texture as long as you know how to play with the colors. In creating your chic living room, it is also important to consider the size of it. The smaller the living room, the more background in neutral colors you need. It is because color like white is able to give illusion as if your small room is bigger than it is. However, no matter what size your living room is, make sure that you remove all clutter. Clutter will only decrease the chic sensation in your living room and make it more crowded and overwhelming.

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