Decorating Your Living Room: Traditional of Modern

Another important aspect when you’re designing your house is the living room. The living from is a room for relaxing as well socializing. The room usually placed near the main entrance of the house. To design the living room you could consider some aspect such as the theme, the furniture, and the type of the living room. This time we’ll discuss about the types of the living room to choose.

Living Room Decorating Style

If you are decorating the living room, there are many ways to do depend on your unique style. But I’ll try to give some simple ways to decorate your living room.

RED and WHITE.  Try to use red theme for your living room. But don’t worry about it all too red because you could balance it with dove white walls, white fireplace, white chair rail and a coffee table to keep the balance perfect.

PLAY THE PATTERNS. Try to mix different patterns by picking a color theme for the furniture..

WHITE EVERYWHERE. Oh there is something magical about having an all white space. But if you fell it more like hospital you can fix it by introducing different textures.

Traditional Living Room

READING CORNER. You could create your living room for a little reading time. Place a night lamp in the corner of a cozy chair over the window. You could put a bookshelf too.

There, a few of simple ways to design the living room. There are a lot of ways you could try too though, and you could simply search on the internet or ask an architect for advices. But before you could decide it, maybe it is necessary if you decide whether you like your living room look traditional or modern.

Traditional or Modern living Room?

To design the living room there are two major options you could choose depend on your need whether you want to have a traditional living room or the modern living room. There are differences between the two styles and I’ll try to explain some of it.

The traditional living room always looks sophisticated and never lost the magic through time. It has rich architectural details, a luxurious fabrics and classic furniture. In the western, a traditional living room has a fireplace. The designed inspired from the 18th and 19th century. To create the traditional living room try to mix some color like neutral color for walls and try to use shades of tan and vanilla with accent such as maroon or navy blue.

Modern Living Room

Now we’ll see the modern room. The modern room style talk about minimalism and neutrality. With clean lines and simple color schemes are what make a modern living room. The essential elements are to use a neutral color pallet such as white, beige and black; add some of bright color; keep things smooth and sleek from the floor to the furniture; used angular shapes such as squares and rectangles for your living room; Have a lot of light by simply built a large windows and use a bright blue-white bulbs for the living room; last thing to do is to add some artwork such as modern paintings and sculptures.

There should be an enough briefs for you to get started design the living room. But like I used to say, just let your imagination flow and if you are confused on that try to ask an architect for some advices. Have a nice day.

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