Decorate Idea : Modern Shelves with Door Idea for Living Room

House is an important place for people. In the house, people do many activities; interacting with other member of family, working, cooking, refreshing, et cetera. The numerous activities happen in the house bring some consequences. One of them is regarding the stuff needs to be stored in house. Realize it or not, each stuff requires different way of storing. Inappropriate way of storing may cause the damage of the stuff. Thus, picking a right place to store our stuff is important. One way to store stuff is by using shelves. There are many types of shelves i.e: classic, modern, with/without door, and many more. In this occasion, we are going to see the idea for modern shelves with door.

Modern Bookshelves with Door

People prefer to choose a bookshelf with door instead of the door less one. It is because bookshelf with door can keep the book from the dust. Usually, people will choose a bookshelf with glass as the material of its door. The use of glass as the door is aimed to ease people to look inside the shelf. Especially, when the book is not in a good order or placed in a jumbled order. However, there is still a minor point of the glass for bookshelf door. Glass requires a routine cleaning. When we unfortunately forget or run out of time to clean it up, it will get blurred, and will look unclear. Besides it will make us difficult to look inside it, this thing will also make the bookshelf itself looked caked with dirt.

Other material of bookshelf door is wood. Wood brings the atmosphere of classic to its surrounding. Thus a bookshelf with a wood door will look classy. The use of wood as the material for bookshelf door is not the number one choice among people. It is because people cannot get a wide access to look inside the shelf while the door is closed, compare to the glass door ones. Moreover, wood also requires routine treatment, and it is a little bit complicated.

The routine treatment requires including the dust removal, and the application of anti termite substance. When you place the shelf in a humid place or when it is a wet season, regular checking is needed. The humid air may cause fungi in the wood. The fungi may spread to the book.

bookcase with modern doors

bookcase with modern doors

Modern Shelf with Door

The use of shelf is not limited to books. There are still many stuff who need appropriate storing. The other stuff which is usually stored in a shelf is souvenirs, framed certificate and photos. Shelf with door is preferred because it can help people to keep those stuff clean.

The use of glass door is a kind of absolute thing for this shelf. It is because the aim of this shelf is to display the merchandise or souvenir inside it. Thus, it is important to choose the unique shelf, in order to make it worth displaying.

glass door bookcase design

glass door bookcase design

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