Bold and Bright Living Room to Fit Your Personality

Everybody knows you are cheerful, outgoing, friendly, and fun. So why don’t you reflect it in your living room? Creating your own personal space that can resemble your personality is awesome. You can tell people, or at least your visitors, what kind of person you are. There are some ways to personalize your living room into something that is more like you. Bold and bright living room is not a difficult thing to create. But at the same time, it is not as easy as it seems as well. There are some tips and tricks to remodel your old boring living room into the brighter one.

Bold and Bright Living Room

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The Color Playing

It is the time for you to experiment with the color. Don’t be afraid to mix and match some of your favorite colors. Make sure it should be as bright as the summer sun. However, you should not decorate every corner of your living room with bright colors. It is true that you should be bold, but not in every surface of your living room. It will only make your eyes hurt. It’s OK to have mismatched colors in different shades, but choose only one furniture to express your boldness.

Play with Color

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First thing first, you have to decide which one is the center point of your living room. Most people use their sofa as the center point in their living room. You can also adopt this idea. Choose one chic and modern sofa with a bright color that you can find. There are many choices out there that you can browse. Be bright and bold with your color. After that, choose the pattern throw pillows that have different shades and tones with the sofa. Arrange them in your sofa. The more the throw pillows with different patterns in it, the better it can be. Your bold and bright living room starts here.

The Other Decorations

The rest of things in your living room should be the background, so make sure you choose them in one shade in a neutral color, like cream or broken white. It is better to make the contrast, so your sofa that represents your living room can stand out. You can place a wooden table in front of your chair to enhance the contrast even more. To make it better, put a pattern and printed carpet with neutral color and simple pattern on the floor right below your sofa and table. Remove all clutters. You actually won’t need too many pictures hanging on your wall. Pick only one most memorable picture to be put upon the drawer in the background. To add more personalized touch, you can place a chic crystal vase on the table in front of the sofa and place some of your favorite flowers. If you like, you can also add more recliner or single sofa in the background, with a neutral color. So your bold and bright living room will not only inviting, but it is also friendly since it can accomodate many people in it.

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