Bohemian Decoration for Your Uniqueness

Bohemian decoration is the style that is recommended if you are a unique individual and you want to make your home full of interesting and culture things. This kind of decoration should embrace the characteristic of a bohemian; lively, carefree, unusual, and relaxed at the same time. It is not easy to combine and mix the items that can represent a bohemian, even though most people said that bohemian style usually has a particular similarity for it has similar features. If you like to decorate your home with bohemian style, be creative and unique. Do not be afraid to be different.

Bohemian Home Decor

Color and Furniture

When you choose the color, make sure that it is the earthy colors that can make you feel warm. The color like gold, terra cotta, or brown can be the best choice. However, if you want to have more fun, you can also combine the color with jewel shades, like electric blue, fiery orange, or saturated purple. Keep in mind that white is not a choice for bohemian decoration. Be wild. Combine many patterns and colors. Do not hesitate to mix colors that actually do not go together. You can add layer in every top of the furniture or hang the tapestries on the wall.

For the furniture, it is important to know that bohemian style furniture cannot be easily picked from a store. The rooms should have furniture collection from time to time. Vintage market is the best choice for you to start. Commonly, bohemian rooms tend to be Victorian. You can try the fainting couches or chaises as the best choice. Make sure you pick them in saturated colors with wooden frames.

Vintage Bohemian Decoration

Material and Accessories

As stated before, if you want to have a bohemian style, make sure that you are not afraid of mixing and matching everything, especially when it comes to material. Natural materials like sisal and burlap can be mixed with chenilles or silk. It is also better if the materials have the worn or washed out look. Having washed out look does not mean that it should be damaged or lousy. Just make sure that it is not new and shiny. To make it even greater, you can choose every single thing with fringe. Lampshades, curtains, or pillows are the things that can have fringe and give you the bohemian style that you like.

Last, it is the time to accessorize. When choosing the accessories, you should know that bohemian style accessories should have a story behind it to tell. Make sure that you have the old and vintage look items in your room like maps, vintage bottles, ornate boxes, or rugs. It is even better if you have many ornaments from other countries. Bear in mind that bohemian are traveler. That is why it is not unusual for a bohemian to collect many items, even though they are mismatched, in a room as bohemian decoration. One thing that you should always remember is the items that you collect should have different stories behind.

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