Black and White Living Room in Monochrome Look

If you would like to remodel your bright living room into the calmer one in monochromatic look, it is the time for you to have black and white combination. Having only two colors, added it as neutral colors, can be boring for some people, especially for those who are used to see in bright colors. However, you should also know that there are some benefits that you can get by having these two colors in your living room. Black and white living room will never fail to spoil the eyes of the visitors.

What You Will Get

This monochromatic living room will give you the ultra modern look. You do not have to browse any idea again if you want to remodel your living room in modern look. Simply by combining black and white, you will get the chic and extravagant look. When it comes to modern style, it will always be gorgeous and shown in an expensive look, despite the dough that you had to spend for it. Black and white will enhance the luxury in your room. Who said black and white living room is boring? In fact, you can get the most fun of it by combining different patterns and textures.

Black and White Living Room

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By mixing and matching different patterns (of course in black and white color), you can get the different look for each decoration you put. For example, you can put polkadots pattern carpet in your living room and have zigzagged throw pillows at the same time. It is the same with textures. Combining two opposite textures, like soft and rough, light and heavy at a time, will give you a rich sensation only in one room. Why not putting a fluffy rug and an embroidered table cloth? Why not combine leather sofa with soft throw pillows? The choices are endless and you can experiment with it. The glossy finish shelves can be contrasted with doff table. Another good thing is, the neutral colors can give illusion as if your living room is bigger than it is. So, it is the perfect idea if you have a small space and want to enhance it.

Fabulous Monochromatic Black and White Living Room

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The Arrangement

As stated before, black and white living room will give you an ultra modern look. And in a modern look, you have to declutter every single unnecessary thing in your living room. Remove all those hanging pictures. The decoration that you can hang on the wall maybe a white canvas with no any single picture in it framed with black frame. Do not forget to install huge glass windows in your living room. Contrary to rustic style, in modern look you have to make sure that your living room is poured with bright light all the time. Even though it is day and you turn off the light, the sunlight should be able to shine your living room easily and come through the windows. To make it even brighter, you can hang a huge mirror in front of the windows to reflect the light all over the room.

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