Bigger Ideas to Add Color in Living Room Area

The lack of color in living room area can be bad since, this is the room people will always see for the first time. Therefore, if you want to create a good impression in everyone’s heart, you should consider adding color in there in order to enhance the look to be better. Instead of doing the redecorating in small scale, such as adding colorful decorations, why do not you try adding color in a bigger scale? Here are some options you can pick and do at home.

Accent Wall

The easiest way to add color significantly in living room is by creating an accent wall, which color is different to the color of other walls in the same area. The best thing about this idea is accent wall can in fact be made from many things. You can simply repaint a wall in the living room with a contrast color. Other than this, you can give more effort by covering the wall with wood planks or pallets for a distinctive and textured look. For something easier, covering the wall side with wallpaper on your choice can certainly be done.

Accent Wall Living Room

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Contrast Ceiling

For a bigger living room area makeover, additional color is also possible to add on the ceiling instead of leaving this part blank white. The best idea is creating contrast look on the ceiling by making a two-tone design instead of one. The contrast look can also be shown by choosing a new ceiling tone that is different from all other colors below it. Even if this is possible to do, still you should not forget the color selection is better having compatibility for a way better living room look.

Colored Concrete Floor

Especially for you who choose concrete as the flooring of the living room because of some reasons, painting the concrete floor is a really great idea to try. The main benefit is certainly a new color to make the room to be livelier than ever. Other than that, the option also better since later you can choose another color again for the flooring without using too much cash, such as when you install new flooring option.

Colored Concrete Floor Living Room

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Custom-Made Mural

The last but not least recommended way to infuse color to the living room area in your house is creating custom-made mural, which can also function as alternative to common paintings. Certainly, bigger size mural is better in this case since the additional color can be seen even easier.

If you have ability and time to create the mural, you can certainly include this as next DIY home project to do. But if you cannot make it, just hire someone to create the mural for you. Besides the fact the result can look better, this is also a beneficial suggestion since there is no need for you to do anything, except paying and creating concept about how you want the mural to be. For a more colorful result, flower-themed mural is a great idea to try including the one, which flowers are made in bigger size.

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