Small Kitchen Decorate Idea

For some people who loves to cook, or maybe for them who just loves to eat, kitchen could be the most important part of the house. This is where all your food and made and stored. Well, somehow, you will need a comfortable atmosphere to precede your food, to make a good food with a good taste. So, what if you only have that small space to deal with for your kitchen? Don’t worry, here are some small kitchen decorate idea for a perfect cooking time.


This is the most important part of the kitchen. This is the main furniture of your kitchen, the first thing that people will see right after they enter your kitchen. The first thing you have to consider is the color and the theme. Choose the color that blends well with the wall. For small kitchen decorate idea, choose a cabinet that has more surface area so you will have more space for your cooking activity. Also choose cabinet with glass door to create drama.

Furniture with Plumb

This is not about the look, it’s about the function. But it doesn’t mean you choose it randomly. Still keep everything on rhymes with the theme you chose. The sink has to be placed near your stove to ease you clean the vegetables or put out dishes after cooking. The other notes for small kitchen decorate idea is to set up all the furniture with plumb together in one spot.

Electronic Furniture

Just like the plumb rule, also put all the furniture that needs electricity in one spot. So, you will only need to add one electric source in your kitchen and set all the electronic furniture there.

Hide Small Appliances

Small appliances that scattered everywhere in your small kitchen will only make your kitchen looks crowded and messy. Hide all the small appliances like coffee grinders, blenders, and food processors inside the cabinet. There are also a cabinet style that has such a drawer rack inside the cabinet door so you can just put your small appliances there and pull the drawer to use the appliances.

small kitchen decorate idea

Monochrome Color

Monochrome color always fits the small space. Apply the monochrome color to your cabinet and wall to make your small kitchen looks larger than it’s really are.


Small space doesn’t mean you can’t apply pattern. Give some pattern in the backsplash or in the door of your cabinet. You can apply more than one pattern but make sure that the color is tone to tone.

Basket in Surface

For extra storage, add a basket in your surface, maybe near the stove or the sink to store some fresh vegetable that you are about to cook. Choose an artistic basket so you can also make it as decoration.

Still Life as Decoration

Since you have a small space to explore, you can manage the kitchen still life like plates, glasses bowls and even spice containers as decoration. Set up a cutlery rack around your backlash or other kitchen wall area. Arrange the cutlery in an artistic way by category and color. For your spice containers, this could be the perfect decoration if you know how. Choose a spice container that made of glass so you can see what’s inside it. Besides, the texture of the spice inside the glass container could also be a nice view.

small kitchen decorate idea

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