How to Get Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Nowadays, people are getting more aware towards about our environment. They are trying to live a healthier and eco friendly lifestyle. Eco-friendly lifestyle is easy to achieve. However, what about eco friendly home design? Can we make ourselves friendlier toward environment with just changing and remodeling kitchen and the other rooms in our house? Of course! There are some ways that you can do to make your environment better. Start with getting eco-friendly kitchen first. It’s going to give you pleasure when you’re in the kitchen and at the same time, it’s also friendly to the environment.

Eclectic Eco-friendly Kitchen

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The Concept and the Choices

For the concept, as you can conclude, it’s a must to use recycled furniture, like stainless steel. You should know that 70% of stainless steel was recycled. So, it’s highly considered as eco-friendly. There are some benefits of having stainless steel as well. Some of them is this material will not leave any trace and footprints, so you can be sure your kitchen will be clean and free from dirt. Next thing you should know is make your kitchen open. It’s true that open-kitchen does not always mean eco-friendly kitchen. Yet, in an open kitchen, where there’s no separation between one room and another. So if you’d like to part your kitchen with sink area and dining area, it’s recommended to break down any separation wall. What is the benefit of having an open kitchen to our environment? It makes sure you get the most light from the sunlight.

Contemporary Minimalist Eco-friendly Kitchen Design

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Thus, you should also install a huge glass window in one side of your wall. It will make your room bright in a day. It means you don’t have to turn on the light. Thus, saving more energy. For the choices of the appliances, you should pick a water-saving sink, the spot where you can wash every single thing in your kitchen. Having less water means so much if you want to save our environment. On the roof, you can also install solar energy panel which can save energy from the sun during the day. So, when the sun’s already set, you can turn on the electricity from the solar power.

The Decoration

For the decoration, it’s recommended for you to place greeneries in every corner of your kitchen. If you want to plant something, make sure you choose the ones which can live indoor. There are some plants which can and cannot live without sunlight. Never have a thought of having plastic or fake plants. It will only make it look less an eco-friendly kitchen. You can also put a vase of flowers in the center area of your kitchen. Don’t forget to pick a colorful pattern for your windows. It’s because in an eco-friendly room, you have to open up your window to prevent using air conditioner. By opening your window, you can create a cute look by hanging a colorful pattern curtain. When the wind blows, your curtain will also move and it will catch every eye of each person visiting your kitchen. Now, you are ready to change your room into an eco-friendly one.

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