Great Ideas to Deal with Small Kitchen Design

Do you have a small kitchen design and find it hard to deal with the limitation of space in there? If so, the only best solution you need to give a try is applying some ways to deal with the small space in the cooking area in the purpose of making it an even better space, especially for cooking. Another thing you need to know is the ways to deal with the tiny space can be done quite easily. You could actually do those since a quite long time ago but you may just not realize about all those. As a new starting point of everything, here are some examples of ideas you can really do at home in relation to the small size kitchen are you have.

Simple Kitchen Design

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Rethink about What You Have in the Kitchen

The easiest tip you can do in order to make small kitchen feel cozier is rethinking about what you have in the kitchen. If you try to rearrange everything, especially the items you place in the limited storage you have in the room, there is a big possibility for you to find some items that are factually not really needed but you still keep it. Instead of leaving the items unused while those also take the storage you factually need for some other things, it is better for the items to be removed. If the quality is still good, you can give those to your friends or relatives who want it. For good quality appliances that are no longer used, you can try to resell those and get some cash from the selling.

Turning Sink into Cutting Board

In small kitchen design, another common problem you may face is the lack of counter space. Especially for this one, there is a really simple but genius idea you should really give a try. The idea meant here is turning your sink into a cutting board. Of course, it is not a trick you should do permanently. The main idea is to modify the sink so that the top of it can be covered with large cutting board and voila, you will get the extra counter space you really need.

Small Kitchen Design

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Count on Lighting to Make Dark-Themed Kitchen Feel Larger

You may already know that dark color is not really suitable for small space since it will only make the space feel even smaller. What should you do then if you really love darker-colored small kitchen design instead of the bright one? Well, in this case it is best for you to count on proper lighting in order to erase the smaller impression LED strips light can be the first example of kitchen lighting you can use, especially because it is perfect to install under kitchen cabinets in order to give some illuminating effect. Other trick that is still related to lighting is adding mirror on the wall of your kitchen, the best example here is nothing else but mirrored kitchen backsplash. The main reason why you need to do so is because the mirror will be very helpful in reflecting light. This way your kitchen area can be brighter and you do not need to add more lights that will only make the room too bright.

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