Classic Kitchen Style in Monochrome Look

Having classic style in your kitchen means you have to be able to show up the chic and beauty lines of neutral colors. In a classic style, you have to de-clutter every single thing there, because less is more. You do not have to give too much effort in decoration. However, at the same time you should be able to create the eye-catching place as well as warm and inviting atmosphere. When choosing classic kitchen style, forget about the bright colors and mix and matching the shades of more than two colors. In fact, you have to be able to marry black and white in the most stunning way possible. Thus, monochromatic look is on its way.

The Furniture and Lighting

First thing first, you have to choose the right furniture for the classic style. An antique French dining table and chairs by Hans Wegner will make your kitchen get combination of country and city edge. It should be put right in the middle of the kitchen. By that, you can be sure that your stunning dining table is the most attractive thing catching the most attention. You can also add a marble worktop in your kitchen. The bright and illuminating white of the marble top will reflect the light in your kitchen as well as show the great monochromatic look.

Classic Kitchen Style

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To enhance its monochromatic look, you should combine it with high black stool that. Above the worktop, you can install some hanging shelves or kitchenette. Keep in mind that the color still should be black or white. Another thing that you should put into consideration is the kitchen island. Find the simple yet chic kitchen island that has black or white color in it. You do not have to choose the big or wide kitchen island, since it may only be the additional thing in your classic kitchen style. If your kitchen is small, you have to choose between marble worktop and kitchen island. No matter what furniture that you choose, make sure that it has less clutter.

The Lighting

Hanging fixtures upon the marble worktop will be an amazing idea. Or, you may want install hanging glasses or crystal lamp upon your antique dining table. If you prefer it to be wall-mounted light, then it is recommended for you to have edgy lamps that you can mount in the wall upon your dining table.

Lighting for Classic Kitchen Style

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Make sure that the brightness is enough and your kitchen is not dimly lit. It is because in monochromatic look, the bright and illuminating light of white will be the focus that is contrasted with dark of black. The light should be enough to show people the contrast of your kitchen. That is why, apart from choosing the right light, it is also recommended for you to have a huge window in your kitchen that let the sunlight enter during the day, so your kitchen will never have lack of light. It will be great to have the bright classic kitchen style in your house.

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