Best Kitchen Island Design for Small Space

Removing island because the size of your kitchen area is small is really not a thoughtful decision. This can be said so because an island factually has a quite important role in every cooking process, especially when prepping the ingredients. In this situation, the wiser decision is choosing kitchen island design that is matching with the characteristic of the kitchen area, which is rather limited in space. As examples, here are 4 different islands for tiny kitchen that you may be interested in.

Small Kitchen Island Design

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Top Grade Small Island

When there is nothing you can do but choosing small size kitchen island, you need to be sure your choice is prominent in other things. This reason suggests you to pick top grade small island instead of the ordinary one. This island will not only give you a better look but also better features and functions. Other than those, the excellent product is usually also made with high quality durability and strength. This is the right product that can make you say whether small size never really means low and small quality. To make your choice easy, you just need to consider restaurant grade island since the quality of such product is usually at the top position.

Floating Island

The next kitchen island design you can pick as considerable choice is floating island. The floating characteristic with empty lower space can make your kitchen area to feel larger. Of course, this is applicable only when you think more open space is the one you need the most. If what you need is solution for the lack of storage space, certainly the space under the island can be used freely to store some possible items. It would be neater if you also use special container to keep those items in space. The last thing you need to know about this choice of island is it is often paired with kitchen chairs, making the kitchen an alternative dining spot in the house.

Island that can be Stored

Right now, there is also a rather new kitchen island design can be said perfect for small kitchen area. This is nothing else but island that can be stored when not in used or storable island. For you to know, this item is usually stored under kitchen counter and when stored this looks simply like floor kitchen cabinet, complete with doors and storage space inside. Certainly, there are wheels added to the lower part of the island in order to make it easier for you to pull it out from under the counter.

Kitchen Island Design

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Island with Wheels

The last but not least kitchen island design suggested for you to pick also have wheels feature but it is not a storable one. It is only a small island that is made with wheels in order to make it easier for you to put it aside when not in use, allowing you to have more space in the kitchen area. That is why when the kitchen is not used for cooking it feels more spacious so it is easier for you to access everything there, like taking items out of your fridge.

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