Using Pallet as Garden’s Furniture

Have you ever considered using wood pallet besides for vertical garden? You can build a particular area in your garden as the second living room. It will be useful for barbeque party, gathering, and other occasions. In this second living room, you can execute pallet furniture ideas, so your wood pallet becomes the part of your occasion. Wood pallet has been known for its special ability to carry goods. Nowadays, people use wood pallet almost for all of their furniture in the house. However, not all people know how to handle wood pallet for the first time. And these are the tips if you want to use wood pallet as your furniture in the garden:

Pallet Garden

Making a Special Area with Wood Pallet

Second living room in the garden can be built if you have larger space. From wood pallet as the base, you can make comfortable sofa, coffee table, cabinets, bar table, or even chandelier. Different furniture will need different amount of wood pallet. Potting table, for example, needs three wood pallets for the legs, the table’s surface, and the shelf in the middle of the table. However, for the sofa, you need many wood pallets with larger size. In order to make your second living room more festive, you should change the floor color.

Wood Pallet Garden Furniture for Kids

Although it seems to be clean, wood pallet may contain chemicals and bacteria. It’s still controversial to use wood pallet for your kids’ furniture. However, there are parents who implement pallet furniture ideas to their kids. As the result, they use wood pallet as small chair material for their kids or even small table. For making it safer, you need to clean the wood pallet first by using soap and water. Before choosing the wood pallet, you have to be careful with signs in the wood pallet. If the wood pallet doesn’t have any logos or signs, you shouldn’t use it. One of the common logos for wood pallet is the letters “HT” followed by several numbers. It’s included as standard for wood pallet manufacturers in Canada and US. HT means the wood pallet had been treated with heat or kiln dried. It’s still considered to be safer.

Wooden Pallet Garden Sofa

In order to avoid any dangerous incidents, even though you believe that your wood pallet is already safe, you shouldn’t use wood pallet as the material that is related with your kids’ foods and toys.

Handling Wood Pallet

Before implementing pallet furniture ideas, sometimes you need to handle wood pallet by yourself. It won’t be as easy as you’ve imagined, but it’s worth it.

At first, it must be very uncomfortable to disassemble the wood pallet. You need to open the wood pallet in order to regain the contents. If your wood pallet is smaller, it will be easier. There are many tools to disassemble wood pallet, one of them is hammer. After that, it’s very important to pay attention to the nails. If the nails are twisted or rusty, you need to be careful and don’t pick that wood pallet. Twisted nails will make you work very hard to remove it. And it will waste your time.

When you’re trying to find wood pallet, always wear your gloves. If it’s thicker, it will be better because there’s a high risk you will be injured by nails. When processing the wood pallet into your dreamed shape, always wear safety glasses. And if you want to keep the wood pallet, make sure you already removed the nails.

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