Small Outdoor Decorate Idea

An outdoor in a house is like an oasis in the sand. Especially if you live in a crowded where everywhere outside your house are just high building with glasses. There you can have your own natural view in your house with an outdoor living. Even you only have a small space to deal with your outdoor living, you can still have an outstanding outdoor space. Here are some of the small outdoor decorate idea for your small space outdoor.

Color Combination

Choose a color palate that is continuous with the indoor color. Especially if you apply a slide glass door with a full-length window as a separation between your indoor area and outdoor area. For the flooring, just continue the flooring that you apply from the indoor area. Also combine the style you apply indoor and outdoor so it will perceive the look of wide spaces from indoor to outdoor.

Plants Indoor

In the indoor area which are connected to the outdoor area, put some plants decoration so it will make the outdoor space looks larger. Especially if you use a French door which can display the indoor plants decoration from outside.

Indoor Sofa

The other small outdoor decorate idea for indoor furniture, make the sofa in your indoor area face the view of the outdoor, or facing the full-length window or French door.

Vocal View

To give the sense of seeing distant, create a vocal view in your indoor area which are seen from the indoor area. You can put some outdoor decoration like standing statue or garden lamp.

Dining Table

If you like, you can make your outdoor area as your dining room. There you can enjoy the fresh of the nature while enjoying your meal. This will also ease you when you want to have a barbecue night outside with your relatives and friends.

Custom Furniture

Small Outdoor Decorate Idea

If you have a really small space outdoor, you can use some custom furniture that can save space with an outstanding design.

Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture will always perfect for the outdoor living because it’s near to the nature. Pay more attention if you use wooden furniture because it will deal the extreme weather. Clean it every time you see stain on it but don’t wash it with water because it will make your wooden furniture get fragile quickly.

Awning and Umbrella

Awning and umbrella don’t really took so much space. So, it will be suitable for the small outdoor decoration idea. Beside it can protect you from the sunlight while relaxing in your outdoor area, it will also help you protect your furniture and the shading will give a nice natural view.

Rectangular Table

small outdoor decorate idea

For a small outdoor decoration idea, choose a rectangular table rather than round table to make it flexible for dining.

Flexible Chair

The perfect furniture for small outdoor decoration idea is a flexible chair which can be made as casual chair or a reading chair when you need it. Beside the comfort, it will also be a decoration of your outdoor area because of its unique look.

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