Pallet Decorate Ideas for Your Garden

Wood pallet is usually used as the container of goods. If you don’t have wood pallet, you can find it in some places, such as hardware stores, hotels, garden equipment stores, recycling companies, and ports. But, some businesses usually had signed certain contract with wood pallet suppliers. You cannot get it easily if you don’t have any relation with them. Moreover, wood pallet there probably already contaminated by some chemicals. These chemicals surely will harm your life. On the other hand, if you have wood pallet in your house, don’t throw it away. You can use it as decoration, especially for your garden, by practicing the pallet decorate ideas.

Vertical Garden

When you have limited space, doesn’t mean you cannot have garden. By implementing one ofpallet decorate ideas, now you can have vertical garden that surely doesn’t take too many spaces. Before putting your creativity into this idea, you should prepare the materials, such as wood pallet, burlap, builder film, scissor, and staples for furniture. First, you should stick the burlap into the inner part of the wood pallet. After that, cover it with builder film by using staples for furniture, make it looks like a box and don’t forget to cover one side of the wood pallet. While locating your wood pallet in a vertical position, you should fill the wood pallet ‘box’ with the soil. For the seeds’ place, you need to create a small hole in the burlap.

Pallet Vertical Garden

Instructions above are the simplest way to make vertical garden with wood pallet. You can make it like shelves by adding plywood in the back of the wood pallet. You have control to decide the size of wood pallet that will be used. But standard size of wood pallet already has the ability to accommodate several plants.

Maximizing Wood Pallet in Your Garden

Vertical garden that is made from wood pallet allows you to implement your creativity. There are variations of pallet decorate ideas to maximize your vertical garden. In order to get more organized lining up of plants, you can use pots as the holders of the plants. For attaching it into the wood pallet, you can use pot holders that are made from iron. However, even though those pots make your vertical garden look tidier, they cannot accommodate too many plants. Instead of pots, you can substitute them with glass bottles or aluminum closed-cylinders. Glass bottles are more suitable for water plants – plants that are need as much water as possible.Vertical Garden Using Pallet

Regarding plants, you can do your own experiments by using various plants in your vertical garden. However, make sure that you use lighter plants in order to make your vertical garden lasts longer. There are many plants that you can grow in your vertical garden wood pallet, such as herbs, chili, flowers, tiny tomatoes, strawberries, and many more. However, if you want to plant fruits in your vertical wood pallet, make sure that the wood pallet is free from any chemicals. Before using the wood pallet, you should clean it properly. The purpose of using builder film is to be the barrier between the wood pallet and the plants.

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