Mounted Planters from Wood Pallets: Perfect Decoration for Home Exterior

This time, more people think that pallet decorate idea is only suitable to be applied in home interior. To be honest, this is totally a great improvement by considering the fact that at a few years ago, pallet was thrown away. Well, we all know that the wooden pallet is usually used as fruit and vegetable container. Once it has been used, there is no used of it anymore. That’s why we might not really think that the pallet can actually become a great material for us to cope with the decoration of the house. As a matter of fact, tons of things can be made by using the pallet and as mentioned before, you can actually rely on the things which can be made of pallet as the decoration of your interior design. The fact is that there are so many ideas can be applied to boost the look of home exterior as well. The example of this is the idea of making mounted planters from wood pallets, which can be used to grow various types of plants, including the decorative ones like flowers. The use of wood pallets in creating these garden accessories has honestly been known in some previous time. Although it is so, there is something more about it which makes it a better option to pick for pallet planters and here is the brief information for you.

Great Media for You to Create Space-Saving Vertical Garden

Basically, planters created from wood pallets are found to be beneficial because it can really be used to plant some plants and make the surroundings of your house greener. For the pallet decorate idea to create wall-mounted planters, there is something better found. These planters are in fact more beneficial because these are great media for you to create vertical garden which obviously will never reduce the land space on your yard. If by any chance you have a quite small yard, this idea is definitely something you have to be grateful for. With it, it is still possible for you to create a green environment without worrying the yard to look too narrow and not pleasant to see. It seems to proof also that garden should not always be made on ground since you can also create it above ground as shown in this pallet idea.

Pallet Mounted Plants

Interesting Tips to Create Better-Looking Planters

If you are interested in the pallet decorate idea to produce mounted planters, there are some interesting tips you can follow in order to make the planters better-looking. The first tip is to paint the planters in order to make these colorful. If you want a color which can match the exterior color of your house the most, everything can in fact be easier. In this case, you only need to pick a color to be applied on the planters. Certainly, the color option is taken from a color you already applied previously in the home exterior design. Even this first coloring idea is so tempting the second one is also worth taken into consideration since this is simpler and easier to do.

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