Ideas on Recycled Pallet for Your House Furniture

If you urgently need some new furniture as the amount of your stuff is increasing, but you have limited budget, what should you do? Purchasing the new but low quality one because of the low price? Is is worth the money you have spent? Why don’t you make use of the left wood in your garden or backyard to create furniture? You only need a little work but almost no money spent. It is surely interesting! Once you have successfully made what you need, why don’t you try to make other furniture? Here are some tips on creative pallet furniture ideas you can work on and put in each room.

Lovely Garden or Balcony

To put wooden furniture in your garden or balcony is surely perfect for a pleasing look. You can create a set of table completed with comfortable chairs for your patio. Another idea is creating a wooden swing for your kids. You can also create a convenient lounge area in your balcony. Without losing any convenience, you can put pillows or cushion.

Balcony Garden Using Pallet

Besides creating a space for relaxation, you can recycle the wood for a space for the plants. Create a rack or shelf to put the pots. You can put several pots at once for your space management in your garden.

Display Your Collection

If you are a collector of certain things, you always need more and more space to accommodate all the collected things, right? This pallet furniture idea is perfect for you. You can make some racks or cabinets either it is standing on the floor or being hung on the wall.

In The Living Room

This is the best room where you can display your handmade pallet furniture. You can create a table with some chairs, display racks or cabinets, a simple box to put some things above, TV panel, and many others.

For Your Bedroom

One pallet furniture idea you can apply in your bedroom is the divan. It is absolutely unique to have a wooden divan as the base for your bed. If you do not have long enough wood for the legs, you can hang it instead. For the wooden divan, make sure that you use strong and durable wood for your safety.

Recycled Wood Pallet in Bedroom

Manage the Space in the Kitchen

In a kitchen, there must be a great number of stuff to be stored. A big cabinet in a kitchen will surely take a lot of space. Instead, you can create some small racks hung on the wall to put bottles or jars of ingredients, cooking tools, vegetables, plates, and others. Making a wheeled table to be put in your kitchen is also great.

In a Garage

Do not only focus on the main rooms in your house. You can also apply your handmade pallet furniture to your garage. For example, if you have several bicycles, you can make a space for parking them. If you have pets, making a tiny box or house to let them sleep in is very adorable and cute. isn’t it?

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