How to Bring Green Touches Beautifully in Your Home

Green home decorations are the ones you should pick when you want to make your home interior feel fresher and more relaxing. Obviously, the type of decoration we are talking about here is none other but the ones in which real plants and flowers in mostly green colors are used. Bringing those living things in your house rightly will significantly add beautiful value in there. Of course, the fresh and relaxed atmosphere can be obtained in a better quality. Besides, these will also bring spring atmosphere right in your living place no matter what season it is. It seems this kind of decoration can be said too as the one ideal for you to pick when spring is the season in every year that you love more than any other seasons.

Lime Green Rooms in Natural House

If you are interested in the idea of creating green home decorations, there are so many options you can try to produce on your own at home. The first example you need to know, especially because the materials needed to create this decoration is quite easy to find is leaves in glass bottles. Here you can choose various shapes of glass bottles in different sizes and then filling each of these with water until it is half full. After that, you just need to place various types of fern leaves inside each bottle. In this case, you may not forget to leave the branch of each leave long enough so this can reach the water surface ideally in order to keep it fresh longer. Since fern is not that hard to find, especially when you plant this in your yard, it will never cost you too much to create these green decorations. For the placement, you can factually place these everywhere you like but it would look better if you place these in clutter style.

Green Plants Decor

If you are interested more in green home decorations that last longer than the previous fern examples, there are other types of plants you can choose as the decorations. Those are nothing else but wheatgrass and moss. Compared to other types of plants, these are more durable when taken and placed indoor as home decorations. If the previous décor idea uses bottles as the place to put the green plants in, something different is needed here. Both of these plants are more suitable to place on pots or any other small to medium size planters. The best thing about these plants is that you can keep these alive and growing in the planter if you want to. Of course, this is also the reason why the decorations can be more durable. As a tip, when you keep moss as well as wheatgrass as your home decorations that are placed inside, once in a while you must take the plants outside so these can receive direct sunlight that will keep it growing healthily. This way, you can always see your favorite type of green décor in your house and feel the relaxing and fresh spring atmosphere all the time.

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