Creative Ways to Use Pallet

Pallet decorate ideas are your answers to get affordable, easy, and flexible decorations. People are attracted to use pallet as decoration because they can find it almost everywhere. Most of pallets are free and you just need to buy other additional materials to make your work easier. Pallet’s flexibility is shown when you can make almost anything from pallet. Your ideas don’t stop with decorations, it’s because pallet can be made into primary furniture for your house.

Pallet Furniture

Pallet Decorate Ideas for Your Garden

Besides for your house, pallet also can be used for your garden. You have plenty pallet decorate ideas here. Most people use pallet as their planters. Planters from pallet have many advantages. First, you can make it by yourself and you know exactly where you get the basic material, so you can predict whether it’s safe or not. Second, you can make the planter according to your preferences. You decide how many shelves that you want, how many plants that are fit in there, size, and also color. You can have unique planters by making it. Third, planters from pallet can be mounted into the wall or hanged in order to get exotic look. And fourth, you can get all of these advantages with minimum budget or even free.

Pallet Garden Shelves

Besides planters, you can make signs in your garden using pallet as the primary material. You also can make a birdhouse, outdoor shelves for your gardening tools or shoes, small shelter for your dogs, place to hang your lamps; and small box where you can put many things there. For your plant, pallet can be used as a border from one plant to another. It can organize your plant properly if you take several woods from it.

Choosing the Pallet

Pallet for pallet decorate ideas is relatively easy to be found. However, different from the easiness to get it, choosing the right pallet may be difficult and needs patience. Because of its primary purpose, pallet has to accommodate many things across some areas. Some manufacturers add chemicals into their pallet and you should avoid it. Moreover, wet pallet will never be right – it’s the best place for bacteria. However, even if the pallet is dry, it doesn’t mean it’s free from bacteria because pallet is porous. Nails become your second problem. You should choose the pallet that has less nails on it. Releasing the nails from the pallet requires hard work, especially if the nails are twisted. Besides asking someone to do it for you, you can just cut the nails-attached area in your pallet. However, this solution means you miss some parts of your pallet too. Moreover, you shouldn’t choose the pallet if it has stains, bad smell, oily, and bad appearance. If the pallet has several cracks, you actually can glue it or cut the cracked-part, and some people like the cracks because they give certain appearance into that pallet.

After getting the right pallet, you should bleach it and wash with soapy water. After that, you should let it dry properly. Don’t use pallet for your children’s furniture, including places for their toys, things that have direct contact with their foods, and things that they use often.

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