Trunk: Multifunctional Pallet Project You Should Try to Create

Trunk might not be the pallet furniture idea loved by a lot of people to create. This is something reasonable because right now more popular pallet furniture examples like sofa, coffee table, and so on are available. Although it is so, it does not mean that some other ideas are not interesting for you to try. Here, let us talk about the idea of making trunk for wood pallets. This furniture is awesome enough because it is actually a multifunctional piece which will give you more than just one function in the home interior. Don’t you think it is so great? If you have a house with modern theme, this kind of furniture is really suitable for you. Once again, please pay attention to the multifunctional features of the furniture which can really be great for your modern theme. It does not need a lot of space but it can really give you so many benefits. In other words, you can also say that this kind of furniture will be so great for those who have small size of the house too. Well, up to this point, don’t you feel more curious about this furniture? Well, you can carry on reading because we are going to talk even further about it.

Pallet Trunk

Why This Furniture Is Multifunctional

The reason why this pallet furniture idea is called as multifunctional is located in the fact that trunk can actually have more than just one function only. Basically, we all know that the function of this furniture is to store items. In other words, this can be included in the category of storage furniture. Although it is so, when you are able to create its design to be special, there is a chance for you to gain other furniture function in it too. Let us say that you create the pallet trunk in a quite large size and sufficient height, this can function as a table too. If the upper surface is completed with cushion feature and the height is not too high, the trunk can function as a seat at the same time. Until now, both of these ideas are the most common to find but you can explore more if you have other ideas in mind.

Wooden Pallet Trunk

Where to Place It

If being asked about where to place the multifunctional pallet trunk, the placement actually depends on the extra function you add to it. If you add table function to this furniture, obviously it is perfect to place as coffee table in your living room area. The awesome thing about this idea is that you do not have to take out too much money in order to provide quality coffee table in the room. As you may already know, wood pallets can be obtained at a very affordable price or even at no cost at all. Other pallet furniture idea to place the trunk is in your bedroom near the window in there if cushion feature is the one you add to the trunk. This way, you can get a window seat which is beneficial to use when the weather is nice for you to enjoy outdoor view from inside your bedroom.

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