Pallet as House Decoration

If you love recycled products, pallet will be your treasure. Because of its shape that is added with your creativity, pallet can be formed into many decorations and even furniture. There are many advantages of using pallet. You can find it easily, just find small businesses, hotels, pet’s food suppliers, and other places where you believe they use pallet to accommodate their products. Most of pallets are free, but if you have to pay for it, the price is affordable.

Moreover, pallet is also easy to be formed. Even if you still have no idea about what you will do for pallet, there are many books and online information filled with creative ways to use pallet. And you can make it by yourself if you want. And, finally, wood is precious. Every pallet has its own characteristic and history. Perhaps your pallet has helped to deliver many things to different countries before finally reaches your house. Similar like other materials, there are things that you need to consider before shaping pallet into your decoration. Also, there are pallet decorate ideas that you can do to utilize the pallet.

Pallet Decorate Ideas

Making small decoration is possible for pallet. One of the simplest ways of pallet decorate ideas is for your mirror or photo frame. If you want to give sense of old and aged for your frame, then you should do this. There are keys to make this successful. First, make sure that you have enough wood for this idea. Less is not always more. Second, cut the wood until it’s near with your ideal size if you already have the mirror or photo. But if you still don’t have it yet, you can cut the wood based on its original size, so you’ll know the size of mirror that you should buy next. If you worry about the thickness, you can reduce it by sanding process. And third, you can unify all the parts by gluing them. Making your own frame needs less budget. Each wood has unique pattern on its surface, so you can make them as your decoration without having to add other things or colors.

Pallet Mirror Frame

Besides mirror or photo frame, pallet also can be implemented into other decorations. If your bedroom wall looks boring, why don’t you give it a twist with pallet? You can attach woods from pallet into your bedroom wall; fully attached or half attached is fine. If you just want to half-attach it; make the assembled woods as your headboard to accentuate something in your bedroom. In addition, pallet can be used as the base for your signs (where you can write or draw anything on them, it’s very unique to be used as decoration, especially if you put it on the wall), planter, mounted planter, wine rack, room divider, mounted shelf for your photos, and many more.

Pallet Wall Decor

Facing the Pallet for the First Time

If you’re the beginner to practice pallet decorate ideas, there are many things that you need to consider when you’re facing with the pallet for the first time. The most important rule is asking. You need to ask whenever you want to take pallet from places. Asking is a must because some owners want to recycle the pallet by themselves or send the pallet back to their suppliers. In order to avoid further problems, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask because some owners are even glad that you want to take some of their pallets. After that, you should notice that not all pallets are safe. Because of its mobility, some suppliers might add certain chemicals into their pallets and there are pallets that contain bacteria on them. If you’re not sure with certain pallets, just throw them away and find the new ones.

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