Making Your Own Pallet Chairs

Furniture is the most essential elements at home. It really has a big value to furnish as well as beautify your house. You have to really pay attention to the furniture which you are going to put in your house. What is meant here is not the price of the furniture, but the quality and the aesthetic value of that furniture. The good looking furniture will also make your house good looking. Often, the good one is not always the expensive one. We can furnish and beautify our house with the inexpensive furniture but still has a high aesthetic value. This idea can be proven in pallet furniture idea.

Pallet furniture idea is one of the house designs which apply the employment of pallets. This idea is unique since the furniture which is made of pallets will look different from the one which is made of common wood and steel. Moreover, this idea is considered easy applicable and cheap since the main instrument to make this kind of furniture is only pallets which are cheaper than woods and steel. the pallets can also be used to make any kinds of furniture; one of which is chair

Chair which is made of pallets will look unique that the one which is made of common wood or steel. You can make your own chairs from the pallets. The quality of the pallet chair is not different from the wooden ones. The pallet chairs are also strong and long-last just like the wooden or steel ones. You can also make any kinds of chair from pallets, like loveseat and personal chair.


Loveseat is one of the kind of chair which has longer size. Making the pallet loveseat is very easy, even it is easier than making the loveseat from other materials. You only need to follow these nine steps to have a lovely pallet loveseat. First, select the pallets which you are going to use. Second, trim away any damage. Third, cut the pallet in half lengthwise. Forth, begin designing the back and the seat. Fifth, attach the back and the seat with 31/2” long screws then attach the front legs into each side of the seat. Sixth, fill the gaps between the boards with wood pieces to keep it as comfortable as possible. Seventh, attach the arms on each side of the seat. Eight, curve the tops of the rear legs by using a jigsaw. Ninth, finish the loveseat by painting the legs and arms with your favorable colors.

Pallet Loveseat

Personal Chair

The way to make the personal chair is almost the same with the way to make the lo0veseat. It even need fewer pallets than loveseat since its smaller size. To make the personal chair, the most important thing which you must do is determining the angle and taper of the legs.

Pallet Personal Chair

If the angle is not balance, your personal chair will not stand properly. You also need to glue and clamp the front stretcher to make it really look like a chair. Then, you have to screw it with screws and cover the ends with wooden pegs to make this kind of pallet furniture idea really safe to use.

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