Ideas on Furnishing Your House with Pallet

One of the most exciting things to do when moving into a new house is surely the decoration or designing part. There are a great number of ways how to decorate a house. However, decorating process might be frustrating as there are too many ideas. Therefore, a house owner does not need to consider all ideas to be applied in their house decoration. One trick that might help is by choosing the decoration that is suitable to the whole concept. If you own a house and intend to apply wooden fixtures, here we provide you with some pallet decorate ideas that might perfect your house.

Tables and Benches

Those two might be the most mainstream pallet furniture to be applied in your house. However, it will be stunning if you are innovative enough to create a unique shape. For example, a table is not always identical to a square one, isn’t it? If you are about to put it in your living room, make sure that you choose the unique one and functional one. You can purchase the one with racks to store things. If you want to be put at ease when moving the table, you can either buy the one with wheels or add it by yourself. You can also purchase the painted one.

Pallet Bench


Besides tables and chairs, wooden cabinet is also a great idea. You can choose a cabinet standing on the floor or wall cabinet. You can also put it anywhere you want, such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, or even bathroom. If you apply wooden wall cabinet, make sure that you do not put too heavy things to guarantee your stuff safety. One suggestion if you want to put a wooden cabinet in your bathroom, make sure that it is put pretty far from any water splashed. Remember that wood is vulnerable to water, heat, and humidity.

Pallet Cabinet

Wooden Divan

Another pallet decorate idea is a bed with a wooden divan as the base, which will be totally unique. To expose the wooden divan, simply put a mattress and do not let the spread cover the divan. You do not always have to put the divan on the floor. If the divan is too short, you can hang it instead. If you plan to work on this idea, make sure that the wood quality you choose is the best since it will hold your mattress and your weight. For your information, you can choose Brazilian mahogany or teak.


Although you still innovate more ideas on pallet furniture, here is our last pallet decorate idea. This might not cross your mind if pallet furniture can be used as lighting. You can put one or more lamps in the pallet and hang it to the ceiling. For the design, you can ask your architect for the best and unique design.

Pallet Lighting

Remember that a lighting source must be able to light the whole room optimally. Therefore, the design of the pallet should not determine how many or how bright the lamps you should use.

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