Decorate Idea: Deal With Cornered Bookshelf

House is a place where we can take a rest and feel comfortable. Unfortunately, sometimes due to some stuff misplacing we may feel that our house is no longer comfortable. One problem about stuff misplacing is regarding to storage. Sometimes we feel that the shelf we have is not enough to store our stuff. We actually can make use of our corner house to transform it into a shelf. This kind of shelf can be used to store books, photo, souvenirs, or other stuff. In this occasion we are going to discuss the cornered bookshelf idea.

Cornered bookshelf is not so weird phenomenon in decorating house. It already well used by people from many years ago. The newer idea in designing cornered bookshelf is just about the style.

creative bookshelves ideas

creative bookshelves ideas


Basically almost all types of material can be used to make a cornered bookshelf. However, wood is a preferred material. It is because its solid structure that impact to its strength and also its natural beauty for the sake of artistic. We know that wood is a solid substance which has great strength. Since the aim of a shelf is to store as many stuff as possible, the strength of the shelf is the top priority, especially for the flying shelf (shelf that does not have ground support) the strength of it is really considered.

The other consideration before choosing the material is the maintaining treatment. Different material requires different maintenance treatment. Sometimes, we fall in love with the color and all things about certain material, but if we do not understand its maintenance treatment it is just the same as like we waste our money when we bought it.


Choosing the right for cornered bookshelf is crucial. It is because when the size does not suitable then we cannot make use of it at all. Considering its risk when the size is not suitable, people now prefer to custom their cornered bookshelf. Besides the size consideration, the style of the bookshelf is also the main consideration.

Other consideration regarding about sizing is also about the portion of the shelf. If we buy a fixed bookshelf the size of each shelf and the portion of the shelf is already fixed. Unfortunately, the need of people is varied. We may do not need a shelf with A4 size at all because all the books we own is in A5 size. However, there are people who need an A4 size bigger than the other size and et cetera. While other person may only need a room for A3 sketches in their shelf. To realize these different needs of people, the customized cornered bookshelf is started to explode. Other thing happen due to this phenomenon is the emerging of the specified bookshelf. People do not want to risk their needs again. This phenomenon says that the needs of people is different, thus we (actually) cannot give the exact same stuff for different people.

Decorative square book storage display

Decorative square book storage display

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