Cheap yet Nice Dog Bed for Your Furry Friends

As a dog owner, it is so sure that there is a time when you want to purchase a bed for your dog so it can sleep on the furniture whenever it feels sleepy. Besides this main function, adding this furniture in your house also add a certain decorative value in your home interior. Unfortunately, this is not a product that is always easy for you to get for your dog since it is sold quite often in high price. In this case, finding the best solution in order to still be able to provide the bed is the only thoughtful thing you need to do. Thankfully, there is pallet furniture idea in which pallet woods are used to crate cheap yet nice bed for your dog. This way, there is no need for you to deal with the high price of this pet furniture. Besides, there is also a big chance for you to create the bed in any design you like the most or the design that you think to be most suitable for your dog.

Simple and Cheap Pallet Wood Dog Bed

Variety of Styles You Can Choose

As told previously, there are so many styles can be applied when you try to apply this pallet furniture idea in making a dog bed. The easiest style is none other but square dog bed made in hard back design. This style is mentioned to be simple for you to create since there are no special shapes and curves added to the design. This way, it will be easier for you to cut the pallet, especially if you are quite new to woodworking. If you want this simple style of dog bed to look more fabulous, you can just make the surface of the pallet smoother by using sandpaper and then apply dove or glossy paint to cover all surface of the bed. In order to make the design cuter, you can also add the name of your dog at the very front of the furniture.

Dog Bed from Wooden Pallet

If woodworking is something you are familiar with, you can of course create the bed in a harder design in order to make it looks more stylish. The example is dog house design. In creating this, you are not only needed to have good ability in woodworking but also provide more pallet materials. Even so, there is no need to use too much money since these materials are basically affordable.

Tips in Making the Dog Bed

In making this pallet furniture idea true, there are several things you really need to pay more concentration on. The first one is the size of the bed. Here, you need to be sure that the size is suitable to the size of your dog. Certainly, if it is still growing it would be best if you make the bed bigger than its current size. Other than this, you may not forget to make the bed more comfortable too by adding cushion on it. The last but not least, if your dog is big or heavy enough it is not recommended for you to add feet to the bed design.

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